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DJ Khaled



[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Ayo Lil Blurry
I got an important message for you
They gon' hate on you
When you're winning and you're blessed they're gonna always hate on you

[Chorus: Lil Blurry]
They said I'm not important
Now I'm lowkey going touring
I've been getting all this money
All these haters looking funny
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they doubted on my name
Now I'm in that new bugatti and you know I'm switching lanes
Little Blurry, but I got that cash
I'mma go get my money, I'mma get my racks
Yeah I get all my money and I get my stacks
I'mma spend that money and I'll get it back

[Verse: Lil Blurry]
When I was in -

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