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DJ Khaled


Chorus: Wrapcon
This hardcore chamber,don't ask me say
Who ever never remember me
Am always not player, care for love
Maker use me to play,how can you think
You sayed you know me,feel how real complain ghostwriter
How can i feed your face,you know how never worry be unknown for fools

Never think back focus forward,if you choose to choose
You will never take past,we live present
If you take risk,prepare yourself for future
Allow life flow themselves,never wish bad out come
Time the best answer,focus good things no matter how
This in the player in,be you in heart choice
What happen to you,be aware to gett wronganswer
Its f**k when you f**k,cowboy be good boy
When you God,remember never complain to pray
Its very important things,search more the truth
Move step by step hip hop the greastet power
MC believe it not jokes
Love will help you to rich success
Sacrifise it to your sacrifase,gonna be funny
Not too much early,n***a it not cross early
f**k be stonger to live to the player
Life always it so funny,check how snitch gonna act to play
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