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DJ Khaled

"A New Era"

The beginning of the end, but the start of a new
Same foot, but just on another shoe
This ain’t goodbye, but rather, see you later
And when I return, Ima have to make some changes
Open Mike Night, We The People, The Trifecta
15 Mike, and a couple other extra
Songs that I used someone else’s beat for
From here on out, to quote The Raven, “never more”
I used the 50 Cent, G-Unit approach when I first came in the game
When nobody knew my name
But now, I’m one of the best
Couldn’t be more obvious, unless I had an S on my chest
Anyway, I need some producers to hit my line
I need some fire beats over which I can rhyme
I’m going back to school, so don’t worry, take your time
But when I come home, I got a couple on my mind
That I know I wanna work with
Mike Turtle, AgusRonny, Macaroni, let’s get to work kids
I know Ben and John produce too
And Dylan, if you ready by that time, let’s hit the stu!
As for rappers, I’ve worked with a ton
I loved working with all of y’all, it was fun
A Hype was an early inspiration
And shouts to BLKMSK, let’s do an album, collaboration
Wait, I think I did something
I know that would get the whole community jumping
Whatever, we’ll talk about that later
I know that sh*t would be hot, like the equator
Slim Martin, Freddy Suarez, King Blow
Reyard Man, OD, Ninto
I feel like John Legend, just so you know
If you give me the green light, I’m ready to go
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