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Isobel Knight

"The Next Time That Im Bac"

[Verse 1]
I've got a story or two up my sleeve
I'm struggling to write them all down
But I love you so much I'll tell you everything love
The next time that I'm back in town

[Verse 2]
I've followed a fight path
On a loop 'round this world
I don't know which place I love best
But you'll find me skipping up that train line
Sometime or another
So I can safely rest

[Verse 3]
I just wanted to say
It all turned out okay
Better than we ever thought it could
I've got great people 'round me
I'm happy and healthy
And right now the world seems good

[Verse 4]
I can't wait for the day
When we stumble back across each other's way
Somewhere down some familiar street
I'll be thinking 'bout something else
We'll both be by ourselves
There could be no better place to meet
And I'll say "we got old"
And you'll say "I know"
We'll talk and we'll laugh about
The times that have been
We'll chat until the sun goes down
And it'll be so good
To see you again old friend
The Next time that I'm back in town
The next time that I'm back in town

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