French Montana

"Super Bad"


[Verse 1: Max B]
Anybody can get it (Yeah), nobody exempt (Yeah)
All my n***as is rich but nobody content
All my n***as is thorough (Yeah), nobody pretends (Yeah)
Don't trust them b*t*hes, nobody your friends
You see I married the streets but fell in love with the music
Treated my b*t*h like sh*t, then she got her retribution
See I believe in the justice (C’mon), restitution
Poo got a life with the 30, minus the execution
They gave me 75, got it chopped to a 20
Then got it down to a dozen, n***a, I'm good with the money
Bigga, you good with the b*t*hes, got a way with the ladies
Couple steaks on the grill, I spend a day with the babies
I dipped my toes in the pool, tell him smokin' ain’t cool
No playin' hooky today, you f**kers is goin' to school
Never needed the b*t*h (Never), cheddar cheese in my grits
That wasn't positive music, n***a, neither is this, yeah

[Chorus: Max B & French Montana]
I'm super bad (Super bad), super bad
Where I'm from, you n***as get murdered (Yeah), super fast
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Before they rendered the verdict (Yeah), I blew a bag
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Told ’em ’fore he went on a lick (Yeah), use a mask
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Fifty million dollars in chips (Montana), do the math
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