Alan Menken

"Call Me A Princess"

[Verse 1]
Call me a princess, I don't care
Call me obsessed with nails and hair
Only concerned with what to wear
Shallow and so blase

[Verse 2]
Go ahead, call me "royal pain"
I'm unimpressed with your disdain
Let me repeat one sweet refrain
Princesses get their way

[Chorus 1]
Other girls cook, but that's not relaxing
Princesses make reservations
Life's much too short and Lord, it's so taxing
Ruling these darn Third World nations

[Verse 3]
Some say that when I nag a whine
Nobody's voice is as shrill as mine
Daddy thinks that I sound just fine
He's in my royal sway

[Chorus 2]
Other girls study, why do they bother?
I study how to grease up my father
Fathers were born to pay
And princesses get their way
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