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"Space Odyssey"

Pass that bottle round Henny drowning
Liver toxic
Swallowing my sorrow
Sipping sizzurp in my car while I be toking
In exotic
Bass be bumping pop sh*t
Waste away my youth with all my shooters
Now we stars b*t*h
I'm better now but I wasn't for the longest
Uppers got me down pound for pound a better artist
Start sh*t
Call of Duty laser on my scar b*t*h
Bitty f**kin with my sh*t regardless

Starship speeding down the drive
Lil Lucy on my mind
Speaking to me sirens cry's
Space odyssey young oddity Prophecy
Picked good this time
Turn a dream into reality
Sipping on that double cup while I jump off a balcony
It's sad to see the routes the reaper takes to get his deals
2k and a soul get stealed
Shinigami scythe can't heal
Pick a part proclaim my piece
Primal instinct a far cry
Never change our fate is sealed
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