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Fivio Foreign


[Intro: Fivio Foreign, Fetty Luciano, Ron Buno]
I'm with the real drillers (Grra)
We ain't playin' with nobody
If you ain't from here don't f*ckin' come here
We posted outside every day

Ahh Ahh
Yeah, yeah
Fivie (Gang), Fetty, movie
Bow, ayy ayy (Ayy ayy)
You just gotta snap on 'em
Squad, squad, squad, squad squad

[Verse: Fivio Foreign, Fetty Luciano, Both]
Crazy (Crazy)
Madness (Madness)
She fell in love with the action (Bow, ayy)
Grab it (Grab it, woo)
Snatch it (Ayy, ayy ayy ayy, woo woo)
Saw me and started snappin' (She did)
She like, "How you so valid?" (Uh)
I need it (I need it)
At it (At it)
Bottle (Bottle)
Pass it (Ayy)
All these opps, I ain't namin' 'em (Nah)
They all want me, I ain't blamin' 'em (Ayy)
All this fame, it ain't changin' 'em (Nah)
It's still hate and I'm ashamed of 'em (Ayy, woo)
Guns (Guns)
Aimin' 'em (Bow)
No games, ain't no playin' 'em (Nah)
Lanes (Lanes)
Changin' em (Skuuurrrrt, skrrt skrrt skrrt)
You don't want me call [?] (Ayy ayy)
You don't want me call Wade on 'em (D-nah)
The opps still add a K to them (Grraow)
I ain't come here to play with 'em (Bow)
3 shots, [?] 'em (Bow bow)
Speiffel (Speiffel)
Shootin' sh*t like I'm Michael
You brought a handgun, I brought a rifle (Woo, bow)
That's yo' mans down, let him hype you
(Ayy ayy ayy)
Me and Fivie, ooh (Fivie)
Wet that bag, Rowdy, Bobby (Bah)
We shoot, don't say sorry (Bow)
You don't want us pull up to yo' party (Bow bow bow bow, skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt)
Shells rippin' through his body (Bow, gllt)
Somebody get him a IV (IV)
Police tryna find me (Ayy, woo)
But I'm in the bag with a mommy (Ayy ayy)

Look, drive me (Drive me)
Maybach, no Masi's (Skuurrt)
Aderall, no Molly (Ayy, Molly)
Label (Label)
Sign me (Sign me, ayy ayy ayy)
Rocky (Rocky)
All my chains on hockey (Shi-ow)
All my n*ggas move wocky (Wocky)
I told him, "Shoot", he said "Copy" (Gang gang gang, bow bow bow)

All of these moves I'm makin' (Makin', woo)
I had to steal an ovation (Woo woo, ayy)
Demons (Demons)
Satan (Satan)
Burn 'em (Burn 'em)
Bake 'em (Bake 'em, bow)
All these places I could take 'em (Bow)
And I'm hotter than Jamaicans (I am)
All these b*tches wanna rape 'em (They do)
He let 'em rape 'em (Ayy ayy)
They wanna be us (They wanna be us)
She like my demeanor (She like my demeanor)
Hop out and spruck out his Beamer (Bow bow)
She like hooligans, I'm a lil' cleaner (I'm a lil cleaner
, Ayy ayy)
Real savage, come and meet him (Come meet him, facts)
b*tch I'm grimey, I'm a demon (I'm a demon, facts)
30k up in [?] (Bow)
Fetty all up in the nina, grraow (Ayy ayy)

[Outro: Ron Buno]
n*ggas know the f*ckin' vibes
n*ggas know they scalps
n*ggas know what we do
I'm posted with the demons
Like I said

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