Fox 5 lyrics

OMB Jay Dee

Boom, Boom (grrrrrt)
OMB, What's crackin’
You know the vibes
Let's do it!
Are you dumb? (boom boom)
(pop pop, boom)
Look, uh (first n***a move wok shot)
Fox 5 (But you knew that already)
Watch out (Are you dumb) (Boom)
Look, uh, look (boom boom), look

First n***a move wok shot, making the news
I'm with the n***as breaking the rules (Let’s do it)
Spinnin' on oppas and playing with tools (Uh huh)
You get shot if you playin the fool, one n***a shot then we making it two
You know the sh*t that I'm sayin' is true
Long live king Melz you making me do
Not even into the talking you know what my shoota got (Boom, boom)
You try to spin like an ooter I'm leaving his shooter shot (boom boom boom) (Look)
They like, "JayDee gotta chill, know that you shoot a lot" (Look, uh)
Crip and I do a lot, don't you know that the shoota shot (uh)
Know you say I retract, tweakin'
Shorty wanna meet a mac, fiendin' (bye)
And I’m drivin’ the boat, beat it
Loose somethin' for your throat, seamen
This lil b*t*h conceited, she keep asking me to breed it (oh what?)
And whoever the plug, need it
Plan B, I just deed it deed it (God damn)
This lil shorty she lucky, been with her, love the way she suck me, look (No cap)
Brodie come off the uppy, know that I got it, why you tryna bluff me, look (Grrrrrt)
[?] tryna fool em, homie get shot feel like you knew ’em (Look) (Lets do it)
Know how I'm coming for boom em' (Look)
Boom em' (Boom, boom)
I’m 823 crip
All this drip got me sea sick
Mask on they ain't see sh*t
Beat a n***a till he speechless (Uh)
Caught 'em slippin'
I'm like, "oh, wow. He gotta go, now"
Put his body to the floor, down
Not enough, I give him more rounds (Oh sh*t) (Look)
I'm too hot they better tp, runnin' they wonder [?] like Stevie
Only one rapper we know GG (No cap)
Carry a big mac, I'm not sleazy (Grrrt)
Can't cuff that b*t*h if she sneaky (bye)
[?] feelin' treeshy, she keep texting me tryna see me
Now I respond back, "You trying to eat me?", okay (Look)
Look fast, who that n***a creepin' with the bookbag?
I got it on me, don't even look back
Wanna play with your life, so I took that (Grrrt)
He see my face, don't know what he looked at (No cap)
Bro caught him slippin' now that n***a toast
Settin up plays, moving like a coach (Uhh)
It's Jay Dee, thought he saw a ghost
I hit my side b*t*h for the top
I hit my main b*t*h for the wop
Jay Dee be buggin', Jay Dee gotta stop
I'm goin viral, you like it or not
Where was them hoes when a n***a was broke?
She used to laugh, lookin' like a joke (No cap)
I used to buy guns for the high (Grrt)
Now I just chill, rather pay bro
I got this .40 for get back (Boom, boom)
sh*t get to sparkin', ain't for the chit chat
He try to run, just gonna sit back (Boom, boom)
Gun start blowin', didn't have a kick back
Hit a n***a in the six pack (Boom, boom)
I got a beam on the gun, can't miss that
Please gotta chill (Queezo)
Oh, sh*t
I'm finna take this n***a out the grave
n***a throw up the Woo and beat him like it's Dave
Long live king Melz, just up a n***as place
Back to the grave, jackin' it (Uh)
Watch out for the boys, move tac (Oh, sh*t)
Know they ain't dead but I'm clappin' it
Shovel 'em up and I'm throwin' them back in it (Look)
Remember them days I was stuck in the cell
[?] man wasn't givin' me bail (No cap)
I'm always getting letters in the mail
Of course bugged out, ain't hard to tell
I was movin [?] like it was in jail (Boom, boom)
Stood ten toes, I did not fail (No cap)
Don't F with my n***as, they doin great
And still free the demons and ESA
Let me not forget, cus there's more gang
Still free the Rippies for main (Free the Rips)
Free [?], still pack a toolie
Free [?], Mr. action movie
Don't care for your name, don't care for your sound (No cap)
Know how I feel, I run the town (Look)
Still free Gutta, brodie a clown
Still no stress, Sue touched down (Are you dumb?)
Are you dumb?
Are you DUMB? (Boom, boom, boom)
(Pow, pow, pow)
Free gutta
Free Jero
Free Punchy
Free the guys
Free Max Pain
Free Jamaica
Free all the guys on the rock
You know what's up, Sue touched down, man
Free flip, AI
(Are you dumb?)

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