Love Fake lyrics

OMB Jay Dee

I really vibe, I talk to the trenches too
Are you dumb?
This sh*t deeper than rap
Way deeper than that
It's one of those
Lets do it!
Ohhhh sh*t
Uh, look
Uh, look

I'm the voice of the streets like Durk, ni**a pullin' the dirt
Better watch your homie
There's a couple ni**as movin' funny, sayin' they love me
Bro gotta show me
I know a ni**a just beef
Sayin' that I know him, he ain't even know me
I seen a ni**a count bands right up in my face knowin' that he owe me (Look)
I ain't hold no grudge, wait
Been through the love, hate
Already learned the lovе fake, yeah, the lovе fake
Imma make it out some day
Imma make it out some way
Bro [?] bout gunplay
Got me slippin' down a one way (Look)
I done watched a ni**as say RIP to his man
Crazy cuz that ni**a died
I heard a ni**a say he'd take care of his fam
Imma tell you that ni**a lied
That ni**a tooting, I show 'em
Believe what I tell you, can't tell you how that ni**a died
I was locked down too long and my brother was gone
That sh*t had me losing my mind
Stuck in the cell, doing my time
Meals in the table, locked in by nine
Tired of the fake love and the fake checkups
You can go mind your business, I'm fine
Free Rocko-b, brodie crossed a line
Bro took seven, never drop a dime
My dogs too started catching signs, can't even [?] with the slimes
Ni**as like, "Damn I f**ked up, Jay Dee done made it, how that ni**a luck up?"
And these ops still beat like nun chucks
Don't wanna f**k 'em, I'd rather get sucked up
Don't you know that I got it, so bluff what?
Long live Boomer, shout out the shottas
That boy beat it, send'm to the doctor
Homie was slippin', he ain't have a knockers
Man, this sh*t ain't real no more, my shoota gon shoot
I don't even play the field no more
Love don't feel no more
Say nine ni**as died?
Well you better go kill one more
They already know I'm on go, on bars
They don't even tell me chill no more
I just wanna kill some more, don't feel no more
I don't wanna pop pills no more (Lets get it)

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