Shoot or Get Hit lyrics

OMB Jay Dee

Boom, boom ([?])
Are you dumb? (Luka on the track)
Jay Dee
Suck my d**k
Thats how I feel
Lil queezzy in this b*t*h right here (Queeeezzzoo)
Look, oh

Still smokin' runts (Oh sh*t)
Lil Queezy, he suckin’ a blunt
OMB Jay, his mother a c**t
Catch me [?], skin in the blunt
Never drop an O, why the f**k you throwin' up the Blick?
pu**y, cheap banger, you a b*t*h
We at the alley you in the six
f**k on the ops? Yeah you gotta go
b*t*h came home, [?] the throat
[?], See that ni**a a joke
Talk out the [?]
[?], turn into a ghost
Like Jay Dee, you doing the most
[?] on my story, he ain't tryna post
If I see an op in the spot
Lil ni**a, damn
Oh that’s his mans? Up it on his mans
Oh that's his fan? Up it on his fan
Make sure it blam, Ricky ni**a ran
How you on the [?], [?] tan
Boy I'm in the [?] feelin' like the man
Got two [?], that sh*t jammed
RIP ni**as walkin' the strip
Either shoot or get hit
Know my shoota, he doin' a hit
[?] how we do in your strip
Talk about [?] and candles
Talk about guns and ammo
He on my d**k but I know he a fan though
I got the keys like I play the piano
I'm in a party with her acting sick
I'm in a party movin’ with the stick
I get the Blicky dancin’ in this b*t*h
Anyone join the vibe, they gettin' hit (Look)
They say, "Jay Dee the GOAT", they be fessin’ up
Make sure you roll with your weapon tucked?
Free RMB [?], we ain't lettin' up
Free [?], still Mr. wet 'em up (Brrrr)
Mr. get ’em up, we was doing etcetera
See an op than he better bust (Boom)
Do a hit then we swear that was never us (Look)
Better think fast
Know the drill when I'm spinnin' with J-savv
Bro shot tryna give him a face tat
If it's [?], we takin' their flag
Proceed (Are you dumb?)

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