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Ericko Lim


[Verse 1]
Im alone
Sitting in my room thinking bout off the zone
Callin my daddy and mommy but i got no phone
Since i was a child got no place to call it home
Then im going big buy myself but still alone

Now they told me to believe in god
I wanna thank him but i know its hard
But i know that he doing some part
Help me put the sign like a shooting stars

[Verse 2]
Now im lost
Poppin more pills so i can feel the most
Everybody trynna killing me and my thoughts
Then i slit my wrist, nobody gonna stop
Me from a suicide and im lost

Break out of cell yeah like its from the hell
I meet the devil in my room like goddamn
I never think about this kind of life
But f**k it its my lowest i was kinda high

Real life hitting on me
And the devil trynna get me
I've been fighting with the satan
I've been dancing with the devil
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