Rah Digga
Touch It (Mega Remix)
Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it
Turn it, leave it, stop, format it

[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Lloyd Banks & DMX)]
Ay yo Swizz (It ain't over) we done created another epidemic for the streets n***a
Just when y'all thought it was safe to poke your head out again, let's go!!!
I know you thought we was finished, Flipmode b*t*h!!!
(G-Unit!!!) Yeah! Streetsweepers!!!
(REMIX) We Bout' Ta Do It Again!!! (REMIX) We Bout' Ta Do It Again!!! (REMIX)
Ay yo just imagine if they cut the lights off in the club

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
(Get low Banks!) Who you know that got a flow this sick
Pump shotty nobody can hold his clip
Them hoes eyein' they probably on my d**k
The chocolate would look good in my all white whip (TURN IT UP!!)
And you know I stay with the skits so don't even try
Kiss yo a** bye bye you be alone in the sky
And the first human being now to learn how to fly
And I be low in the BM on my way out NY
(Get Low Banks!) I know it feels like I been gone for a minute
But I'm back, chinchilla ice on with a fitted
Everybody talk money, everybody gonna run
With that bowl of bread smaller than the arm of a midget (TURN IT UP!!)
And you know I'm doin' my thing, it's blue in the ring
If you had it like this, you probably do it the same
But you won't, cause you broke, all you do is complain
After the club, I'ma put a few in the range and let 'em

[Hook] x4

[Verse 2: DMX]
(Get low X) Anything gets took, it's gon be a breakdown
Come through like "Hmmm, what I'm gon' take now?"
Whatever the f**k I want, trust me dog
It gets ugly even when it comes to the hunt (TURN IT UP!!)
N***as like to stunt, you wanna front
I'ma hit you and your man
And Ima hit you where you stand (What)
N***as ain't built for nothin' but frontin'
Come through, faggots hit the security b***on
(Keep Goin X) Get that do, what that do? How that Do?
F**k you Faggot, I shot at you
And what? You and you Mans, but you in your man's truck
But your chance is up, not get up (TURN IT UP!!)
You know how that sh*t goes, let that sh*t go
Ain't nothin change, been the same from the get-go (What)
Get up out that whip, yo I ain't gon' tell you again
F**k it, say hello to my little friend
[Hook] x4

[Verse 3: DMX]
(Get low X) Swizz is the monster, X is the beast
F**kin' with Bus, everyday is a feast
Stay off the streets, I'm tired of talkin to y'all n***as
I'm a stick a fork in y'all n***as (TURN IT UP!!)
When I hit 'em man, that truck come get 'em man
F**ked up how I did 'em man
Ain't no remorse for the corpse, truth is
Can't I.D. the body, n***a toothless

[Verse 4: Mary J Blige]
Maybe you can guess who it is (Uh huh)
Mary J. Blige, I'm 'bout to handle my biz (Uh huh)
I'm on my grown woman, still I rep for the kids
In every hood, and all my peoples doin' a bid (TURN IT UP!!)
Now you know who's really the queen, deliver the mail
Seven hundred thirty thousand, first week of my sales
The haters plot and they watch, lookin' all pale
While I'm on a yacht, overseas, doin' my nails
(Get low Mary) Well let me show you how we do
I gotta thank everyone for copping The Breakthrough
Bus' did take one, the remix is take two
You love the way we reinventing how we just stay new (TURN IT UP!!)
How we selling out them stadiums, arenas and all
Only Louis and Gucci, we don't shop at the mall
Got you partyin' And dancin' and havin' a ball
And you love the way we rapping and how we do it for y'all
Go 'head and

[Verse 5: Ne-Yo]
(Get Low Boy) Only for the women in here
Like it when I be spanking them and pulling their hair
This a freak in your presence, I'm just making it clear
And you all know if I wasn't aware (TURN IT UP!!)
Get your hands up in the air if you're ready to go
Come through your city and I'm running the show
To tell the truth I'm a problem if you didn't know
Get up right in ya face and holla Ne-Yo!
(Get Low Boy) Shawty what you wanna do
I ain't got time to deal with your att**ude
This was designed to put you in the mood
I'm trying to do something nasty with you in the the room (TURN IT UP!!)
I'm a freaky little brotha with a whole lot of loot
Ya boy working with something and I'm kinda cute
Watch the way I do it, how I turn it out
Guaranteed you'll be trying to put my d**k in your mouth


[Verse 6: Papoose]
Pap-oose had to get on this club banger
Smack you in your mouth and make you swallow your pulp razor
Pop a couple bottles laugh about it wit Bus' later
Bare witness I'm the young savior (TURN IT UP!!)
I got Staten Island on my pinky, Queens on my thumb dude
The Bronx on my middle finger screamin' f**k you
Rock ice in Manhattan so there's the ring finger
You know I had to keep Brooklyn on the trigger finger
(Get low Pap) Five boroughs of death, you don't understand
I got New York City in the palm of my hand
Now I could make a tight fist and let it crumble ridiculous
Or I could smack the world with a New York Nemesis (TURN IT UP!!)
I flip the mag and get the clappin', if it happens rip his jacket
Split his back and lift his head, I'm gettin' at him
Pick up a different mag and then attack him
When I grab him triggers blastin'
With a pa**ion, get it crackin', the a**a**in
You let 'em


[Verse 7: Rah Digga]
(Get low Digga) See me rollin' up in your hood
These jokers screaming damn Rah still be looking good
They do they little mack he asking me who I tapped
Ain't none of your concern, you a G make it hap' (TURN IT UP!!)
When I give a n***a some play he losing his brain
Asking me a bunch of questions acting like he my main
Wanna stress a b*t*h out telling me I did change
They saying "Damn my bad if you fell for the game"
(Get low Digga) Now he sitting there looking stuck
He thinking cause he spent a little dough I'm 'gon f**k
If money ain't a thing, I'm sayin' let a b*t*h know
Type to empty an account, how far you willin' to go (TURN IT UP!!)
Now he hoppin' on the jet, he ain't wasting no time
Told me all expense paid anyplace I could find
Hit the islands in the winter, tricking all on his dime
Ain't a shorty in the world pu**y better than mine, they wanna


[Verse 8: Missy Elliott]
(Get low Missy) I'm jinglin' baby, go 'head mami
Don't I look charmin', put your lips up on me
Kiss it, touch it, good, yes I wish you would (TURN IT UP!!)
You like to see me when I dip, baby, dip
Don't it look like I got Beyonce's hips
Looking like I could be like Nia Long
Boy, you smokin' that Cheech and Chong
(Get low Missy) Have you ever seen thickness in a thong
You can hit it like a game of ping pong
If you give me two shots of Patrón
N***a bring it on I might let you take me home (TURN IT UP!!)
Now Busta Bus, Misdemeanor in here
This year be clear, y'all best beware
Fake MC's y'all can't come near
I'm Toxic baby like I'm Britney Spears


[Verse 9: Busta Rhymes]
You see me, you love me, the streets declare me God of the hood
You n***as is watchin' and wishin' you could
Be claimin' the throne the way I got it, lock it mu'f**kers
What's good, you tryin' to stop it, I'm wishin' you would (TURN IT UP!!)
Cause then I'm glad to hit you with the fact that the God is immortal as spit
The way I be doin' historical sh*t
In case you and your n***as act like you ain't know when I'm informin' your click
I take your b*t*h while I'm performin' my sh*t
(Get low Bus) As I was sayin' n***as know I ain't playin'
There's no more delayin', I'm comin' and slayin'
The street with the heat now turn up the beat until you go deaf
I eat a n***a food until ain't nothin' left (TURN IT UP!!)
Now the way I'm killin' at this ma** like I'm doing for the TV
Respect it, you better get to Saluting me when you see me
Lloyd Banks, Papoose and Busta Bus, yeah I'm greedy
I paint the illest picture for the hood like I do grafitti