Rah Digga
Storm Comin’ (Remix)
It’s a storm comin’, it’s a, it’s a storm comin’
It’s a storm comin’
It’s a, it’s a storm comin’
What you gon’ do, who can you trust?
When you feel the heat comin’, are you ready to bust?
If we have to, if we have to, feel that heat comin’
If we have to, if we have to, feel that heat comin’
If we have to

[Verse 1 – Jon Connor]
Look, momma thanks for the goddess
I’m normally private, I’m breakin’ my silence
I’m strivin’ to break into the game and maintain and survive it
Couldn’t nine to five it, early on I seen this was my calling
Should I put my all in spitting bars in a one bedroom apartment
Some days I didn’t eat, gave new meaning to the term starving artist
Did it for the culture and stayed away from these vultures
F**k em, never change my content for profit, stop it
Cause Logic would tell me as long as I’m healthy, my pa**ion will never fail me
What the f**k can you tell me?
I’m never gon’ sell my soul cuz my truth is what made me wealthy
I always picked it myself, in my mind I’ve been taking selfies
Since I was twelve watching Belly, I barely went outside to play
I was making tapes, getting ready
I was watching Rhyme & Reason,I believed hip-hop could keep our people eating
Feed em, even keep us breathing through the legacies we leave em
I ain’t preachin’ but I’m hopin’ that I reach em, teach em
You can change a life just with a chorus or a feature
Went from whack rapper to backpacker to Aftermath’s next chapter
Why y’all playin’ the game backwards?
Trendy n***as is penny pinchers, y’all guinea pigs, gimme n***as
Raw sh*t still in me, word to my indie n***as
Yeah, I hope they feel me, n***a
You hearin’ to kill my spirit, they have to kill me, n***a
And when they hear my voice, I hope it uplift my n***as
And tell my momma, Sarah Connor, let’s go get these n***as


[Verse 2 – Rah Digga]
Always knew it would come a time I be callin’ my sons in rhyme
It’s the rage against the machine, I tell em to jump in line
Gettin’ on my Sarah Con, swinging like Barry Bonds
Tryna wipe aside existence, I’m seeing various signs
Went from fightin’ the power, ain’t no bitin’ allowed
To popularity pose, how many likes in an hour?
These uneducated critics, they be writin’ about us
But they never determine sh*t, they just hatin’ my prowess
Call us bitter and haters? History eradicated
When we voicing our opinion on some sh*t that we created
I heard I was racist, I just tighten my laces
This supposed to be rappin’, thought righting wrongs is the basics
So many doc*mented cases of fraud cross the border
I don’t yes man the people, I enforce the law
All the streets [?] F**k outta here! this total recall
A storm comin’ for your b*t*h a**, here go the sequel
I ain’t tryna be no star, just tryna teach y’all
Power to the artists united, divided we fall
Seeking, ye shall find, instead of feedin’ the mind
OG’s goin’ crazy tryna keep up with the times
I’m divine, you need design
Three from the line and I ain’t even in my prime
Never compromise the ethics, I leave it all behind
When I feel the heat coming I’m squeezing both the 9s
Like blaow!

People ask me a question all the time
What do you think of hip-hop then and now?
Which is like really crazy, state of the, state of hip-hop
It’s not, it can’t be answered in a discussion or an interview
It’s a course study, there’s a lesson that probably has to take place
Months at a time, those who know, know who
I tell people like this
You know my name, you know my face
And everything else that goes with it