[Verse 1]
Count the steps around the park
Consider drinking in the yard
Hang the words of a perfect stranger
In the hallways of my heart
'Cause all the blessings are somebody else's
They're flowers in my neighbor's pot
I'm torn exactly in two pieces
One who wants you and one who's gone dark

But I'm still in sight
Your fast machine
Always holding your love supreme
Our 45's
Spinning out of time

But honey, I'm still on your side

[Verse 2]
Are my hopes finally gonna waste me?
Am I the worst compass I could know?

So I took the bus across the bridge
Sold my bedroom from my home

Maybe it's the East Coast in the music
Or the endless road from the past

But while you're praying at the 90s
They're carving up anything that lasts

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