"Drown In My Styrofoam"

You broke my heart into a million pieces
I left my Louboutins and all my Yeezys
That ain't nothing, I really hope you bleach 'em
Burn up my garment, have fun with that designer, b*t*h
I just want you beside me just like my cup is girl
I want Ceelo on side me just like my gun is, I wish he never left
I gotta ask myself, would I drown in this styrofoam tonight? Yeah, yeah
And float up to the top of the ice, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Chain on, flawless
My brain on, cross 'em
Block on, choppers
My life on, problems
My b*t*h on, toxic
Free Osama, one word
Bodies, bodies, bodies, bodies
Come out that hellhole, I'm rich, Porter, Roddy
She told me first night don’t exist
But shawty gon' bust something for the kid
And one day, we all fall down
Welcome to the gun smoke town
Spin out that back, leave no regrets
Gotta stay outta jail but the GOAT need rest
Thinking I'm needing an ambulance
I'm bleeding Actavis, no, you ain't having it
Girl, I'm so high, I might never land
I kill to be happy, I know I'm an addict
And girl, I just hope that you understand
I'm on the floor, I'm searching
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