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Sica's Verse

Lil g stuck in a basement
Know a lot people gon kill for the spot and the place Different faces, might need a vacation
But the game got me runnin like i f*cked my probation
Heart still chilly, i dont need no relations
Pawn to a king better know that i claim it
Young asian, only homie is the pen and a pad thats what i call salvation
I dont need your invitations
Im sic so im laying and patient
Im lighting my L, i dont need your rotation, i am that gem in the pavement
Mind a little bit complex
My reflection beginning to be monument
Everywhere like global continents
You dont know my struggle, what i did and what it costed
You got owf*cks, you got the cliques
You got the psychedelics, never miss
Not to mention that bawal, the berde and dopes, respect to you most, but its about time that they pass me the toke
No lie, no vindication
All my life i've been waitin
I know you know a lot mof*ckas from the jump, but better know that kid's no imitation

So f*ck what you tell me, f*ck what they told
f*ck what they tell me, i dont f*ck with you most
Circle smaller than the penny's eye
Never put out trash cause my penny wise

O'neen's verse

f*ck the people up f*ck youknow wassup
f*ck the homies that ever flipped you up
f*ck the person who keeps you down on luck
f*ck a friend who use you for what you got

My generation will always be cynical
b*tch outta my way before it get physical
Lyrically beat leaving you in a critical
Condition, oh I hope I got your permission

Now listen not everything's bout competition
Striving so hard, hope you got recognition
Believing your lies fooling your intuition
Did that to yourself now stop playing the victim

I dont mean to escalate this
But I wanna keep you that frustrated
Stitch the lip of that hypocrite b*tch
Now thats what you get when you talk sh*t, baby

All my life I have been racing
Against time im patiently waiting
For the reason that ive been living
And I almost gave my soul to satan

All the hours Im currently wasting
Is the cause of my devastation
Now I gave you this information so
Ticktickticktick gotta be hasting

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