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Hello, today will be my first attempt at guided meditation
This will help with anxiety and all other things that make you detached from reality
First, I would like you to take a deep breath through your nose, hold it, and release out of your mouth
Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it, and release out of your mouth
We are going to attach all parts of your body today
And reassure yourself that you are present and that you are here
Before we start we'll do more breath exercises
You're going to do something called 4-7-8 breathing
You are going to breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven, and release for eight
Let's begin
Breathe in for four seconds, one, two, three, four
And hold for seven, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Now release for eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Notice how your body feels a sense of relief and your heart rate will begin to slow down
Don't fear, you're okay, you're comfortable, whether in a chair, laying in your bed, or somewhere where you feel comfortable
Now we will begin the guided progressive meditation
Get comfortable, lay down, and relax all of your body parts
Where you're weightless and you feel soft and heavy
We're gonna start at the top
What I want you to do is crinkle your forehead and your eyes, and strain them
Hold this position and release
Notice how you feel your forehead release all of the tension and the muscles in your eyes release the tension as well
And it leaves a warm feeling at the top of your head
Take a deep breath in through your mouth, hold it, and release through your nose
Focus on your breath, breathe in, hold it, and breathe out through your nose
We will now be going down to the nose and the mouth
Crinkle your nose, move your lips to the right side of your face and hold them there
Now release, feel the tension go out of your nose and out of your lips, and the warm sensation covering your face
We will now go down to your neck and to your shoulders
Bring your shoulders up as if you want them to touch your ears and leave them there
Hold this position and now release
Again, try to pinpoint where the tension leaves your body and the sensation that you feel and the relaxation of your neck and your shoulders
We will now be going down to the chest
Push your chest up to where your back feels like there is a pillow under it
Hold that position and now release
Feel the blood of your muscles rush down your back as the sensation of relaxation
Notice how your body begins to feel softer and heavier
Let's go to the arms
Tense the muscles in your arm and your forearm, and close your fists on both sides
Hold this position and now release
Feel the relaxation coarse through your arms, down to your hand and the tension slip out of your fingertips
Feel yourself slowly become one with your body and allow the relaxation, and the calmness, and weightlessness of your arms to engulf your feeling
Breathe in through your nose, hold it, and now release
Next, we will be going to the lower half of your body
Tighten your buttocks, your thighs, your calves, and hold them
Hold that position, and now release
You should feel a warmth down through your leg, down to your calves
Take a deep breath in, hold it, and now release
We will now go to the final area
Down to your feet and your toes, tense the muscles in your foot, and curl your toes
And hold that position, now release
Feel the warmth coarse through your feet and up through your toes, move them around
Your body is here and present
You should your limbs, your neck, your head, and the rest of your body begin to feel weightless
Now for an exercise to ground yourself
Wherever you are, whatever your surroundings are, do not pay attention to them
Close your eyes, and envision yourself in a place where you are the most happy
Really take in the detail from where you're standing, what you see, what you could hear, what you could smell, what you could feel
We're gonna use a simple grounding technique next
What I want you to do is wherever you are, wherever you're sitting, laying down
Grab what's ever closest to you and then make yourself feel present by touching the object and or material that is closest to you
Really rub your fingers through it, get a grasp for what it is
The next thing I want you to do is take in the aroma of your surrounding and pinpoint what you can smell
What is in the air?
Now take a deep breath in, hold it, and now release
Feel yourself a lot calmer, feel yourself becoming relaxed, feel yourself being present with where you are
When it comes to feel detached, no longer real, remember that the brain has sixty thousand thoughts every day and if all of them were true then how would we as people continue?
You are here, you are present, continue to keep your eyes closed and envision yourself in a place where you are the happiest
What we are going to next and is an exchange of energy through your body
What I want you to do is release both of your hands upward and leave them there for about fifteen seconds
You feel the sense of relaxation coarse through them
Bring both your hands up like you are going to clap
Have your palm, your fingers, completely identical, move your hand over the other and feel the warmth between your hands
like you're rubbing them together but not completely touching
You should feel a sense of energy between your hands, a sense of warmth
Connect yourself to the one, and the motion of your hands moving back and forth
We are going to reattempt progressive relaxation, the warmth of a complete relaxation
What I want you to do is tense all the muscles in your body and hold them for ten seconds
You can now release, feel the overwhelming feeling escape your body
The body is a unique thing, all of our bodies are unique and different, yet one in the same
The way that you can control your body is one in the same as everyone else
We spend too much stressing over the smallest things, the most miniscule
When you take time to feel present and you take time you will remember where you are and to reassure yourself things will be okay
That is when our feelings of anxiety and disconnection begin to dissappear
Problems occur yet time allows them to fade away
Let's again focus on the breathing, breathe in through your nose, Hold it, and breathe out through your mouth
Let's breathe in through your nose, hold it, and then breathe out through your mouth
Meditation allows you to sit and ponder at the thoughts you do not have access to
Don't be afraid of your subconscious releasing
In order to be completely relaxed you need to see what you are thinking about
If these thoughts are good or bad it doesn't matter because at the end of the today we are just a thought
Let is pass, envision it, and watch as your body allows it to fade away
You are here, you are present, you are calm
Listen to the sound of the water flow, and the birds sing, and the wind coarsing through the trees
Thank you for listening and remember, if times throughout your day feel stressful this will always be here for you to relax, and for the thoughts plaguing your mind to be released
Love to you all and have a good rest of your day, afternoon, or night

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