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Shy FX


The original Jamaican dunduda say Ghetts
Them gone too far now man
Where the badman from?!
Man are from London

Stage show done
There ain't no come
The writing's on the wall in the same old font
That's where Ghetto and Kano's from
That's where Wiley, Dizzee and Lethal made those songs
Wait hold on, I just found some scales I used to weigh both on
Back when I was getting my Waitrose on
Prayed so long, man can't tell me there ain't no God
Hope the last 8 years outweighs the memories my brain don't wat
Now the sun comes out ad when it does?
The shades go on!
The rum comes out, and when it does?
It's a wave no-one
Austrailian ting, waves so strong
Now Mexican ting, been on this wave so long!
I got a 147 and a 123 there
That's where I went secondary school it's like I become me there

And when Temple was on you would think it was Tottenham vs Arsenal
What you know about jungle and them place there
What you know about rumble and them raves there
Ask your Uncle and them breh there
Ask your Uncle about them day there
I was in an A4, 06 (skrrr)
8 scores, old whip
I got bass that'll shake floors, hold this
I can shake jaws with this gold dis
I was in Ministry of Sound with some bully road n*ggas
Saw a n*gga in the ground with some bullet holes in him
Where was you when I was in Unit 10
Spitting my heart out losing phlegm
Ask Giggs how long I've been doing tunes with them
Two years I was living in Norwood
That's breakfast in Blue Jay's every damn day
If it's AM you know what I've ordered
Stepped out in some Jordans, said safe to the bruddas on the corner
Said he's got food so I bought some
What you buying?
Bought two eighths and I ballsed one
Road rage, could have caught two case on the school run
Okay, I'm on an no toothpaste can't talk one
Tie em up like a shoelace cause he's all tongue
My Dad's side's from Shepard's Bush
So I got a few alies in len
And I treat advice like it's never good
Used to go [?]
Cross the road and go hold your blud

I used to thief clothes out the B Os
Cause I couldn't afford Machino, Iceberg or Valentino
Then my n*gga came round with the repros
We got the cheat codes!
Dat dat dat dat's mine
I know I'm late but it's black man time
Dark knight, Batman grind
Hat back time, matte black ride
The galdem went from that boy's ugly to
Lord have mercy that man's fine
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine follow me have a badman life
Traveller, backpack type
I don't need no manager man's that nice
You are not in my calibre, hashtag right
Slide down the banister, Maggie at times
You might see me with a maggie at times

Where the badman from?!
The badman are from South London!

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