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Mic Righteous

"Fire In The Booth 4"

[Intro: Mic Righteous, Charlie Sloth]
You know what time it is when you hear this right
Yeah, hold tight everybody locked in right now no matter where in the world you are
Mic Reckless, Apple Music Beats 1, privilege to be here
Hold tight Sloth, thank you for the opportunity, brother
Let's get ’em bro
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
I'll kill them in the verse and then real life
I'll kill them so they learn what it feels like
Life’s only guarantee is that you will die
Yeah, I'll kill them in the verse and then real life
I'll kill them so they learn what it feels like
Life's only guarantee is that you'll die
Yeah, I'll kill them in the verse and then real life
I'll kill them so they learn what it feels like
Life's only guarantee is that you will die
Look, I’ll kill them in the verse and then real life
I’ll kill them so they learn what it feels like
Life's only guarantee is that you will die

Said I feel like killing myself, I still might
Said I’m gonna hang like a mic, I'm still Mic
Rottweiler by my side, it will bite
He ain't friendly, ain't been fed in ten weeks
He’s like me, he hates feds and MCs
He ain't ate and if the plate is empty
We hunt beef, hey mate, this ain't fresh meat
Rather meet my end than barely make ends meet
If you saw what the bang done to your friend's teeth
You wouldn't be online saying sh*t to offend me
I shouldn't go outside looking to find you, but don't tempt me
Seen so much telly in my life
I think I'm ten feet wide
Don't get me like an empty sky
My mind wired like F.B.I
Sick of tryna guess what happens to me when we die
Pull up in the blue M3, the black Bentley
The white Rangey, the wife crazy, she's got an STI
Pull up, shooting out the passenger and then we drive
Is there really any wonder why they envy Mic?
Don't fall into misery, we call it a mystery
Balling with all of my mandem in symmetry
Balling for all of my mandem in cemeteries
Balling for all of you man till infinity
Finna be grabbing a bag of the piff
And the ham and the camp in the back of your whip
And wait till you're back and attack you again
Am I actually rapping or having a fit?
I think rap is a gift
I'll rap till I'm dead, that's whether I'm rapping or wrapping up spliffs
She ratchet, we shag and I wrap up the di*k
Ain't catching a rash, I'ma ration a list
Got wraps on my wrist
In case I bump into a rapper I dissed
Ay yo Sloth, I finally understand why these rappers are p*ssed
Why's that?
They're actually pricks
On road like an athlete with holes in my trackie
I roll with a staffie
You know if I catch you alone in an alley
And in my back pocket I'm holding a bally
You know I be anti
I'm smoking the Cali'
It's kosher not ammi
I roll it with backie
Let no one distract me
There's holes in your plan and the whole thing is patchy
You wanted to stop me, I'm off on Ducatis
Off on Apache, whatever I'm off on, I know you won't catch me
So go take a backseat
Gauge is on max pressure
Drapes'd in black leather
Like my name's Max Teller or Jax Teller
But it ain't, it's the T-the-A-the-K-the-A-the-L-the-O-the-B-the-I-the-G-the-H-the-A-the-S-the-H-the-I and if you can't say the name, say it's Mic
'Cause I put the ash it Takalobighashi
I put the loube in Takalobishashi
I put the lube in smash it in her batty
I put the lube in smash it in her batty
Look, they don't like me 'cause I'm moving all skatty
Don't act like I won't move to man, I've got family at Elmley
Family on Cat B, family on Elm Street, fam that's a bad dream
I ain't with the chat sh*t, catfish wanna have beef
Hide behind an @ sign acting like you're active
You just wanna act deep, hit 'em with the gas pipe
I smell a gas leak, 1 on 1 I'll f*ck 'em up gladly
Naseem with the hand-speed, runs in the family
One brudda was an athlete, other was a crack fiend
Mother was a trap Queen, shame like my surname
Takalobighashi, longer than a...ha
Old bill got filth on us
You lay a thumb on any one of us, you will get touched
f*ck debating
Mess with any one of us, I'll cut some faces
Family even if we ain't blood related
We gon' link up and bun some flavours
Mandem is an understatement
Dedicate this to anybody in the scene and its victims
Sympathetic eyes 'cause I've been one
I provide wisdom, advise and give love
I wish defiance on myself but get none
You talk a tough one on Twitter and Insta
f*ck the internet, in the flesh, sh*t
Never seen a b*tch run so quick
What b*tch you spitting 'bout? Never mind which one
Let's just have a witch hunt
I just wanna spit some lyrics and get my di*k sucked
I say it how it is and I'm the sick one?
Ain't gonna be diplomacy if you diss us
Look at you in disgust, ain't no discussing it
This cutter is this f*cking big, diss us
You've got guts, this will get stuck in it in public
I'll cut you and whoever you're coming with
That's for running with his b*tch in case you're wondering
I'll cut queues in McDonald's and cut you in front of kids
Blood everywhere, they won't know what to dip nuggets in
That's for thinking I'm a prick, I'm sick and McLovin' it
Yeah man you popping but the coffin awaits
Think I can't throw shade on a popular name
You went pop then got popped by the great
That's when the plan went pop in your face
And if I see you in the flesh, bet I'm popping your chain
When you was in the mirror popping your spots
I was top of the chain, top of the charts, top of the pops
Before you could even hold your head and look at the stars
I was digging out the trenches, putting in graft
Same trenches you hide in when the bullets come past
You're such a pus*y'ole, I can even put it in bars
f*ck a diss track, you should just get put on your ass
Stay in your flat, pull up in vans, wave an Iranian flag
Dooset daram I'd love to see a pus*y'ole poop
And then p*ss in his pants
I listen to that
Yeah I'm taking the p*ss and I ain't giving it back
I don't get tired like the Michelin man
Writing a new verse, killing a track
And if the truth hurts, f*ck it, I'm just spitting the facts
Uh, 'cause this a homicide
If they ain't on the mic
What you want a fight?
Swear on your life
Spend a day in my mind, you'll be horrified
And if I see you in the flesh, don't apologise
'Cause this a homicide
If they ain't on the mic
What you want a fight?
Swear on your life
Spend a day in my mind, you'll be horrified
And if I see you in the flesh, don't apologise

[Interlude: Mic Righteous, Charlie Sloth]
Yes, Charlie Sloth, the greatest rap show in the world right now
Wow! Mic Reckless, Mic Righteous
You're a savage my guy, you are a savage
A rare, rare breed, a rare specimen

It ain't nothing but love man, thank you for the call brother, thank you so much for the call, thank you so much
Oi real life bro, real life, Mic it's artists like you that make me enjoy my job so much
That make me smile every morning at the thought of coming to work
You are something else, my guy

Thank you, thank you so much man, thank you
And we ain't done there yet
Man we've got more, I've got bars on bars on bars, sometimes it just gets the best of me man, you know what I mean?
You wan' go again?
Of course, of course
Yeah, Apple Music Beats 1, man I've been waiting to say that
Come on! Oi Mic Reckless in the building
Big up everybody listening right now
The realest ride with the realest, you will feel it

[Verse 2]
Bill it, yeah, what'd I say, bill it, yeah
Bill it yeah
These bars 'bout to kill it
I know you gon' feel it
You know that I'm still in the game
I ain't gonna...get out my face
Yo, yo, all my YO's bill it and smoke it in public, can you feel it?
I only roll with the realest in life
I've grown with 'em seen the best lose hope, my bros will go prison but there's still no quitting with life
Threw stones, my bros they played cricket
Stayed winning, class A, still in the game
Get out my face, I'll out of space you
Ain't a Power Ranger, don't doubt the flame
And don't doubt the name
'Cause it's Mic again
Yeah I'm back again
Yeah I'ma attack again
I changed the game
I changed the name
I laid the name
I laid the name
I said I laid the name in the concrete
You wasteman, you're not deep
Sc*mbag, give me some Cognac
Flip that, mix that with Guinness and Ribena
Stella and a Strongbow, call it a strongback
It's got a strong kick, call it Ong-bak
You wanted to box man till you clocked man
Now it's looking like you don't want a fight, what's wrong man?
You want to come back, now you're talking about "Long that"
I can wave a wand and have you gone, the wave I'm on is magic
Top hat got a rabbit in and I can make you vanish if you want that
You've got a problem but you stopped man
Got [?] on me, I'm like "What plan?"
That's right, that's Mic
Bars and boxes stacked high, your plan just backfired
You don't wanna clash, you'll get dashed in a fat fryer
We could clash with a live band sat by a campfire
But you ain't got the will, I tell from your attire
Liar liar, you gassed like hand dryer
Don't talk, you tell it for me
Gossip like you was fourteen
You man bore me telling the same old stories
f*ck it, I live it, I love like the lyric I spun it
I'll bill it, I bun it, I'm on it, too honest, I'm off the sh*t
Every day I'm off the sh*t
You gon' really stop the sh*t
Know some drillers from the bits
They gon' really bump the sh*t
Industry is off the hinge
'Bout to put it up again
[?] tell me who the f*ck is this?
Don't be chatting f*cking sh*t
On my f*cking phone again
Interrupting my sessions
You ain't day ones, we ain't bredrins
I don't know you, i don't owe you anything
My circle smaller than a motherf*cking wedding ring
I never let a wasteman on this side of the river
Never let a wasteman on this side of the ocean
Never let a wasteman round here no, got the wasteman antidote got the wasteman potion
Go back where you came from, wasteman, should I spray man ay man you a wasteman
Got a blade strapped, blade strapped to my waistband
You get slayed cuz you ain't gang
You ain't payed tax
And wait wait wait wait we want payback
Been eight summers and we never been payed yeah
We don't give a f*ck about fame or a paycheck but now we're f*cking coming for your money like a bailiff yeah
I got no patience
You be a patient
Need cooperation or no operation
You're a known prick and you don't know
Whenever you roll in, the crew go home
Always get cropped out in group photos
Only a few can stay true, the rest stuck together like fruit polos
Wherever you go, you do coco
You do this sh*t on the low low
You be snitching to the po po
We don't do that sh*t, we don't condone that you can walk the plank
I said no no rats
No no no no no
Get your whole dome blown back
Let the window roll back
You a wasteman, if you're white, if you're yellow, if you're brown, if you're black
You're all the same
You all get killed, you all are lame
f*ck the game
You call my name
When i'm feeling the rage, I rip my face off, Nicholas Cage
I don't give a f*ck
And tell me is it real or nah
And tell me is it real or nah
These man don't know the deal enough, I'm really f*cked
My brother's in a f*cking hospital bed right now, the di*khead nearly took an overdose
Can't afford a train home cuz i'm over broke
Don't know the half, tryna stop me on road for a photograph and an autograph
Working like a robot that's on auto graph
Tryna support my six year old son and a two year old daughter dog, I swear I oughta chart
I can't really be f*cked with this music sh*t
I don't really wanna do it no more
Nah until i realised my freestyles are f*cking sick
I freestyled this, just made it up in five minutes just bunning piff in the moto of West Lake
We were driving back on the motorway we're doing one-ten
That's my pro from days so don't act like you don't motherf*cking know the name

(Interlude: Mic Righteous, Charlie Sloth)
What you saying Sloth?
Wow! Woah ha ha wow
Man! I can't lie, the goosebumps, you can see the goosebumps on my arm, I mean that was special Mic

Yeah don't fear me, love me and if you fear me, then thank you (ay) You don't fear me, you fear us
No wasteman near us
Don't fear me, love me and if you fear me, then thank you
Cuz you don't fear me, you f*cking fear us
Never let a wasteman near us no
No wasteman, no wasteman, no wasteman near us
No wasteman, no wasteman, no wasteman near us
No wasteman (ugh), no wasteman (ugh), no wasteman near us, what!
No wasteman, no wasteman, no wasteman near us no!

Big up to everybody locked in, Apple Music, Beats 1
Thank you for having me!

(Charlie Sloth, Mic Righteous)
Mic Reckless!
Ay one of a kind my guy
Nothing but love man, nothing but love
One of a kind!
You know me bruv, I get that call, you call me bruv i'm here in a flash bruv. Doesn't matter, anytime, anyplace, anywhere man, we'll do this. Real, real
It feels like the levels been set again bro
Bruv it has to be, it has to be man, it has to be

(Outro, Charlie Sloth)
And that right there, that right there is fire, in, the booth

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