For years i've been searching for life's perfect scenario
And speaking perfectly honest
I really haven't found anything perfect, ever
Most of what i do is protected by my wall
Because of my fear that someone will come into my bullsh*t life
And mess it up even more
I make my own rules and then i break them
My best excuse is i'm an artist

Yeah they told me that it might take a life time
This whole life of mine
Standing where the light shine
I write a rhyme, i send it right down the pipe line
Fresh water, green trees in my sight line
Who in they right mind would dedicate their whole soul
But i'm a old soul, I been around the whole globe
Strobe light another show then back on the road
Mind hold information that can not be sold

[Self Jupiter]
Once in every daily movement an uprising ocures
A final moment in his or her's life
As it's
The strains and strains
The fingers of the man's that pluck the strings of uncertainty
So never racking it is the master
Well they told me
That coming from where I came from
The game is ugly
And it really doesn't have nothing for me
Just a lot of pain
But I can't complain
Every scene is just insane
Every concert knows my first name
It's just really all a game
Slowly I think i'm just going insane
Plumbing down this sewer drain
Yeah, you just as strong as your dream
Maybe one day i'll move of this rodeo lane
Until then I remain the same

[Myka 9]
Knowing better and doing better
Are 2 entirely different things
Theres a {pantheon of dietes} in the streets
Theres one as so ignorant as to as 1
In a uncomfortable situation
Love is the highest elevation of the game
I go by the name of mike 9
Plus 1 tight dime, peace
Having a nice time
No need for me to high sign
I find those who c*ck lines
Get crossed to make times? combine
Imma in a eyes not blind
When I energize the mind
When I enter thighs and grind
When I rise and shine
I'm alive combined
Think up ways to make my enterprise climb

Ay, you know what
It's kind of funny
Being a social b***erfly
I find a way to exile myself out by drinking
I don't have to always drink all the time
To have a good time but it seems like I gotta drink too much
Nah you ain't gotta do that
Just to touch somebody
Shouldn't even drink at all
Now that's a problem
Don't come to close to the motions I flow
I kinda don't like water but a n***a love boats
So I can let you come on but you gotta play close
And don't get to into it cause you can get soaked
I like the way I wave motion my boards
So I do get to caught up in to being to bored
I stay up on top, and keep up on the floor
I don't like going underwater you can hear em' soar
As they drown
I'm trying to stay on top of ground
And under the radar
I'm going fathom's below
But i'm way bizarre
More than they can ever catch
Catch me up there, brah
I think i'm going up
I can see the water getting clearer
As I soak em' up
But what I came to get
You so hostile
Feel like i'm living in a liqour bottle..