Everything Changes
[Intro: Mystic]
It was so beautiful
Remember how in love we were?
So in love
So in love
So in love

[Verse 1: Aceyalone]
She was a young girl
I was a young man
And I knew they would get her when I let go her hand
And then I let go
The inevitable
So beautiful
And susceptible
So wonderful
And so innocent
And after this neither one of us would benefit
Yeah, I was a dropout
She was a graduate
She said I’ll never be nothing she wasn’t having it
Yeah, I tried to break her down
I tried to reason it
She said I wasn’t nobody to be believing in
Yeah, what a waste of time
What a waste of mind
Your place of mind was a part of the design
Yeah, I used to call her up
She never called back
When she called that said I wasn’t all that
Yeah, I know that times change
And people change, too
I was a fool just to think that I could change you
[Hook: Mystic]
Everyone’s got stories gone
About a love we once knew
So high in the beginning
Until the world cuts through
And then everything changes
Nothing feels the same
Piece by piece it falls apart until
All that’s left is blame

[Verse 2: Aceyalone]
And if I had a chance to do it all over I’d do it exactly the same
I was a b-boy
She was a good girl
Turned hot girl
Had to be a hood girl
Never did she notice she would end up in a shook world
I was like look girl it’s all in the book
Yeah, I used to tell her jokes
I used to make her laugh
And if I had a whole dollar I would give her half
So delicate
And so intelligent
And then she trying to play me out just for the hell of it
Back when she was 19 not even 21
Used to do a thing getting somebody anyone
Thought that she was naive
Or was it really me
I do believe
She was the one that wasn't feeling me
So we broke up at a barbecue
Drove home thinking never will I bother you
Yeah, I just didn’t know
What it was hidden for
She had me sitting low
But she was bullsh*tting, though

[Verse 3: Aceyalone]
So I just kept rhyming
I caught her eye again
Next thing you know she was hollering let’s try again
But I wasn’t buying in
Didn’t want to lie again
Love was in the frying pan
Baby, it’s done
But she started hanging out
And started being seen
Seeing things different
Said she wasn’t being mean
Yeah, if I let her in
Then I let her win
But I’m a veteran what’s better than a friend
Maybe she was an angel
But she’s in disguise
And I just didn’t see the God-light in her eyes
Or maybe I should I walk away
And cut all the ties
Stay on the rise
Leave love left where love dies
We were youngsters
But we’re older now
But the world is a little more colder now
And I’m just trying to get it all off my shoulder now
Baby, you can hold it down
I’ll see you in the wind

[Outro: Aceyalone]
That’s right, baby
Next life time
Yeah, ain’t that what they say?
Check it out
Love don’t hate
I got love for you