Alaina Castillo


[Verse 1]
Boy, it's only you-you-you
Wanna wake up every morning in your arms
Winter couldn't come too soon
Under covers wanna love you in the dark
We can spend the evening getting high by the fireside
One thing on my mind
But boy it's only you-you-you
Never be another lover that I want

Gift wrapped your present don't rip it too soon
Play with the tension that's entered the room
Boy 'tis the season you don't got a reason to rush yourself
Don't need a diamond don't want jewelry
I just want time with you, vibe with you down on my knees
Best things arе free, I'll be what you need

Wanna be your ho-ho-ho this Christmas
Gonna be thе one thing on your wishlist
Let you eat the candy, boy, don't kiss it
Wanna be your ho-ho-ho
Gonna be the best thing in December
Give ya a couple weeks that you'll remember
You can hold me down I won't surrender
Wanna be your ho-ho-ho
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