Shutup You’re Stupid lyrics

That Handsome Devil

They read your palm
Lead you on
Tell you everything you need is gone
That energy you’re feeding on

She does the best impression of me
Says it came out unintentionally

Is it a simulation or an incantation
Perhaps it’s just a sinking vibration
Or perhaps you’ll never guess there is not subtext
Let’s just get undressed (ha)

Taking all my vitamins
And searching for enlightenment
The world is way too frightened
And there’s not much that I like of it

Shutup you’re stupid
Just kiss me
Shutup you’re stupid
Just hold my frickin hand

Well I thought, maybe I’d treat myself to a meal at one of those fancy places
Have a couple drinks say something outrageous
Become enamored with the waitress
I’ll get the courage to ask her out
And she’ll says she’s with another man
And giggle with her friends
I’ll be too embarrassed to go back there again

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