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Clinton Kane

"​singing a portion of my life"

[Verse 1]
I was try'na figure what I was heading to
Overthinkin'  losing sleep and wishing I had a clue
Of  what my life would be, what would I see?
The questions I knew in my heart
But all the answers always failed to come through

[Verse 2]
And  then I realized that I decide the path that I take
But  all this pressure pushing on me, I can't carry this weight
Every time I try to open my eyes, I see all their faces
Disbelief,  no faith from the people I trusted, I was mistaken

[Verse 3]
So what I did was that I left my home to find a replacement
Meant for me, the values that I hold, been searching for ages
What do I want, what do I wanna find? It's all overwhelming
Why  can't this be all just simplified? Can't find an equation

And to no surprise, it just got harder as I inhaled in
All the air, the only thing that didn't stop me from breathing

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