Clinton Kane

"​this is what not belonging feels like"

I've been cornered by all of the highs
Trying to fail so I'm not left behind

'Cause I've got too many flaws in my mind
Hiding to fix what's all in the right
Way when it turns into nights
Where I would go to cry myself to sleep

When the bottles are empty
And I'd find it hard to revisit
A time when I felt understood
But I ask if you would not assume
Before I try to show you what I'm made of lies
Overtaking my own little life
That I have hesitated to show you
'Cause I'm scared of breaking apart, uh‚ uh‚ uh

[Verse 1]
And I know the troubles I face are as dark
As the people who think they would know who we are
And are they real or am I just playing a part?
Caught me stealing names I could use in a while‚ in a while
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