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"Onna Vibe"

Uh, oh, huh

[Verse 1]
She got a body, oh
Spendin' my money, oh no
She want a body, oh
Took her out [?], oh
She wanna ride it slow, slow
We in the back, off the liquor
She want me more than her n***a

I'm on a vibe
I'm back in the east for the night, yeah
I'm swipin' it right
Off-White on my jacket, it's nice, yeah
She do what I like
f**kin' and gettin' her right, yeah
I'm mixed like a [?]
Get fly to get high like a kite, yeah
My n***as slide, you know they gon' creep
Lovin' her eyes, she got on her knees
Guap every time and I'm undefeated
Girl, ain't no lie, I'm keepin' a G
Every time I see lil' shawty she be
n***a ain't sleepin', been beaten for weeks
Hop in the Benz right out of my sheets
Hunnid round drum and it right on the seat
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