Something In The Air

Olivia Rodrigo

[Intro: Dara Reneé]
Ooh, yea-yeah

[Verse 1: Dara Reneé]
I’ve been waiting for this moment
It’s a start of something great
And a chance to turn the page
It’s my year, I’m gonna own it
Gotta take care of me, put my self first
'Cause I deserve to be

[Pre-Chorus 1: Julia Lester & Larry Saperstein]
Hanging 'round the fire when it starts to snow
Opening to someone under mistletoe
I can’t wait to see what the future holds
All around I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it

[Chorus: Cast of HSMTMTS]
There’s something in the air
'Bout to go off right now
Line up all around
I feel it coming, something in the air
It’s time to look forward to
Get ready for something new
I feel it coming, somеthing in the air
Something in the air
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