Let It Glow (from “Frozen Northern Lights”)

Olivia Rodrigo

When the sky's awake
With crazy colors green and blue
You might be saying 'that's fake.'
We're here to tell you 'it's true!'

Call 'em Northern Lights
Aurora Borealis, you know!
The sky wakes up at night
So Let It Glow!

Gotta head up North, where it's always snowing
There's a party in the sky, Mother Nature's throwing

Stuff flying by million miles an hour
So let's break down this fire power
It all starts with the sun
And the solar wind
The charge particles collide with Oxygen
And Nitrogen!

Paige i'm so sorry. Are you okay?
Way better than okay..
We're natural phenomenon!

Let it glow, let it glow
This technicolor vision is way out of control
Let it glow, let it glow
Where the Earth's magnetic fields play a crucial role

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