Soft Boy

Wilbur Soot

[Lyrics will be changed until release]

[Verse 1]
Living the dream
It's just one of those dreams where you're losing all your teeth
And if you think that it gets better
Darling, take a look at me
I'm in too deep
Same dried ramen in a bowl I'm too lazy to clean
Not drunk texting my ex anymore
I bet my father would be proud of me

I won't wear the cat ears
I won't wear the cat ears
I won't- please don't make me wear the cat ears
Please I'm so done with the cat ears don't make me

It's not an ahegao hoodie, it's a work of art
I probably need therapy but I'm too scared to start
I'm looking for a window to another world
Where I don't feel as lost and bored
I just don't want to be a soft boy anymore
I wanna be yours

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