Wilbur Soot loses it - Your New Boyfriend YTP lyrics

Wilbur Soot

Life isn't quite what I thought I'd be
When I was a kid I peed on da other kids
I thought when I'd get older I'd forget Mario
Now I'm Twix, 999
If I could change a single thing, I'd make memes
But he's in your bed, I'm in his bed
I've got the key, and he's just a door
Cause even though he's got kids, that doesn't mean I can't kill the kids...
Anyways, make toast! Cos sheesh
Oh, woh, you're new arsehole
Yeah I've met Jared (Of course)
The one who hit me, TommyInnit
I've seen his musclеs
I get pu**y, I'm gay though
Seventeen Wii's, I think that I dеserve seventeen Wii's
Disney World?
But he's in his bed, I'm in my bed
I've got the kids, and he's just a dwarf man
Anyway, your new bloody arsehole
I think about poo every day
So how on earth could I be gay?
I think about him a lot as well
Maybe if he wasn't Jason Derulo

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