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Honeycomb Brazy


I put this on everything, i'm screaming f*ck 12 and a bed sprang
f*ck  about [?] i'm chasing a check i'll sleep when i'm dead mane
I'm  sum like head mane, i just met a new b*tchish with some head game
She say she know yoga i'm tryna fold her up like a spaghetti string
Remember da old days they say i wouldn't be sh*t but now i'm bigger now
Remember  them cold trays in da jail cell, it's lobster for dinner now
These  b*tches be throwing pus*y, these n***as be at my head like some clippers now
I be so paranoid i'm talking bout i pump my gas with my pistol out
I  know that these n***as plotting, dat y i surround myself round nothing but killers now
All i gotta do is send them out, ima big dog like Clifford now
We treat n***as like dinner dates, you know we just pull up and take them out
And jump on the interstate, shoot a lil text message "like i made it out"
I  miss my n***a boogie i can't forget about em, he got 35
I'm sweating his parole date
They need to free my dog before i break him out
Playing with the profit, turn em upside down shake em out
Make believe n***as, i never thought it was so many fakers
Gotta pray for these n***as, i never thought it was so many haters, excuse me father god i need a favor like straight up
If i ever go to sleep hating on a n***a don't let me wake up
It's a lot of sh*t about these fake ass rappers ion know where to start with em
They be screaming f*ck 12 in a song, be right in the car with em
But you a hard n***a, it ain't yo fault, no it ain't yo fault
Yo granddaddy died for telling, yo mama ain't sh*t and yo daddy was soft
And yo uncle em was just some b*tches, and both of yo brothers was flaw
Yo lil sister ate me up by the way and i came in her mouth
I know they don't like this, i come off the head the same way i write sh*t
You know i'll fight quick, but i keep da strap like a dike b*tch
I talk with the big man, i told em turn me on like a light switch
I got some big plans, you know i can execute em with the right sh*t
I'm breaking down white grit, in a hotel with a white b*tch
But this how i gotta be, can't f*ck wit these n***as cuz you know they might snitch
I be like f*ck the law, i wouldn't cooperate for a life sentence
You know i love all my dogs, i'll go to jail for em like Mike Vick
Tell you my life lit, i just took a dog sh*t smoking cat p*ss
I cut off my last b*tch, she ain't had no business smelling like no catfish
She need her ass kicked, i gives no f*ck bout no bad b*tch
I call up a ugly hoe, like i need my di*k sucked and my balls licked
I call her nappy hair, why, cuz you know that head sloppy
Eat the di*k off the body, then take a picture wit it and show everybody
Now that's a head doctor, i need a med doctor for these flashbacks
My grandmama mad at me, she caught me putting granddaddy in a trash bag
Let me rephrase that, i was putting gas gas in a glad bag
My daddy just caught a fit, cuz this lil b*tch done ate up his grandkids
I'm on some pimp sh*t, yuh yuh, i been on some pimp sh*t
10 years old running round school heading home with that shrimp di*k
Know i don't play n***a, i got the game from back in the day n***a
No i'm not jeffery, but you can ask uncle phill, i'm a made n***a
RN4L sh*t, till i die, be my grave n***a
Try and be nosey, that's how you get shot in yo mother-f*cking face n***a
And if i f*ck around and fall 7 times g pick me up 8 n***a
And before they come swerving in my lane, blood make em hit the brakes n***a
Pop out at night time like a raccoon where you stay n***a
5 shots from a rush down vault, that's first 48 n***a
Got more flavors then a kool-aid man, i'm like oh yeah
Tried to sign me for 200 grand, i'm like i need more bread
I'm the hardest n***a outta Alabama, and these n***as know that
I be on go, pune, plus i do this sh*t all the time wit my forehead
Call up yo b*tch just to give me more head, then she my trainer
On the top of her forehead, then stick it back in her mouth
She like when i dog her, she don't even protest
Then i go hop in the shower, fire some sour, leave me with no stress
Then i go back on some powder
Put on my helmet then juug off a moped
All these numbers keep calling, look at who calling, oh it's a class freak
What's up honeycomb, you know ion talk on these phones, pull up on the back street
10 mins later she got me rollin down the window like what you wanna ask me
She pull up her shirt and some just flash me, like honeycomb when you gone bag me
Ain't no telling you gone f*ck wit me tomorrow cuz you said that last week
I be wanting to let you f*ck me on camera, but you might blast me
Shole wish i could f*ck wit you now, but i'm on a cash spree
Plus i'm in da car with my hitta, can't fit in this b*tch, ain't come wit no backseat
I'm just riding riding round wit no where to go to
And all these n***as keep dying, sh*t got me watching the n***as i'm close too
Jealously, hate, the sh*t that i go thru, i used to be broke too
I got off my ass and got me a bag and now i got power like goku
I'm from a city where anything go, you heard of Mobile n***a
13 paralyzed my own cousin, my grandma in tears n***a
People kept calling my phone like comb you wrong, that ain't what it is n***a
Family first, naw loyalty first, b*tch i'm a real n***a
And before i grow up and be a hoe, i'll rather stay a lil n***a
Remember when i robbed ZBD took the wrong run Kevin hill n***a
Uncle was trying to finesse me, thinking i'm green, i look like a dill pickle
That when i came off the hip, looked at his ass like that ain't no dill n***a
13 seven double o 4, blaatt i'm screaming gang gang gang
If a n***a try and reach for my chain, that b*tch gone bang bang bang
Ion too tough f*ck wit these n***as cuz they be lame lame lame
I'm wit the sh*ts, i'm straight out the hood like some fish and grits
I can't trust sh*t, cuz most these n***as be six plus six
All the years a n***a did in prison, i can't forget n***a
Whole jail on lock down, cuz rico sent the hit n***a
I had to sleep wit a knife, i had to watch my back while i p*ss n***a
Yeen never had to stand in the line, just to take a sh*t n***a
b*tch n***a


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