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Paul McCartney

"Penny Lane (Literal Music Video)"

[Verse 1]
John is walking down a street, now there’s a barber pole
Wide shot of barber shop ad close up of a bus
Now you will see that there are four of us
What a stupid coat

[Verse 2]
Trading shades can not distract him from my stupid coat
Bad edit shows him putting glasses on three times
A plastic unibrow above his eyes
And we walk away
Where’d we go?

There we are, we’re all with him, now he’s alone
Let’s not ride these horses in the street
We’ll get hit by that bus

[Verse 3]
At last, the horses have departed from the alleyway
Quick cut of john and then our horses in a park
I’m not amused but George and RIngo are
By the horse montage

Horse montage
Horse montage
Horse montage
The horse montage

Stupid bus, you scared my horse, now he’s too fast
George is saying “blah blah blah”
To me but I don't care

[Verse 4]
It looks like John is saying “bite me” to the camera guy
We ride our horses past the street and to a stage
Well, that’s a stupid place for a stage
Let’s go here instead

[Verse 5]
Those shots of John cannot distract me from that table there
What kind of restaurant is this, it’s all outdoors
It’s time for everyone to park his horse
Don’t get trampled, John
Random cop

Want to eat, but now this horse is in my shot
Hey, what’s in this tea, John’s face looks weird
Now there’s some Mozart guys

What the hell, it’s our guitars, where’d they get those?
Trash the place and end this video
Pretty scarf

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