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Paul McCartney

"My Nut is the Magic Number"

[Intro: Paul McCartney]
Hi there, it's Paul McCartney
I'm doing a song

[Bridge: Yung Jeehzussz]
Nut, nut, nut
Nut, nut nut
Nut, nut, nut, nut
Nut, nut, nut, nut
Nut, nut

[Chorus: Yung Jeehzsussz]
My nut is the magic number
My nut is the magic number
My nut is the magic number
My nut is the magic number

[Verse 1: Yung Jeehzsussz]
What's up, guys, I'm back to conversate
My nut is the number for goodness sake
I know you're shocked, you're taken aback
You could say there's a chance my nuts attack
And I can't believe it, you can't either
Though I'm spitting bars deeper than a diver
Better than Dyiee, too, I'm a survivor
Console my nut
Make the number higher

[Verse 2: Yung Jeehzussz]
Got McCartney in the studio
And my brother Julio
He's not getting credited
His name is getting edited
Back to Paul, man
He's got it all, man
Used to be a Beatle
Then he came on John, man

[Verse 3: Yung Jeehzsussz]
Take a sample
The preamble
Take a number
Stand in line
My nut's the number
And it's on time

[Verse 4: Yung Jeehzussz]
Playing Bingo, buying chicken
Splashing grease, finger lickin'
Referendum, Hickleschmickin'
Everybody knows that I am legendary
You can squeeze them, like they're berries
You can lick them, might be scary
You can check the number, sure it's magic
My nut's the magic number, that sh*t's not tragic

[Instrumental Bridge: Paul McCartney and (Yung Jeehzsussz)]
(Nut x~50)

[Verse 5: Yung Jeehsussz]
Listen to me, everywhere
You can see me at the top of the stair
But does anything cause attention?
It's my nut, and it's got a pension
Paying off these various debts
Countless wrong magic number sets
But finally, I've obtained the truth
You see my nuts, ever since my youth
Have been the magic number all along
That's why I decided to make this song
I don't plan for it to be long
Where did it all go so wrong?

[Outro: Paul McCartney]
Arise, Sir Paul McCartney!

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