{Verse 1}
Late last night ran into you
I found myself in your point of view
But what the hell am I supposed to do?
The script never said I'd fall for you
I keep my cool, wait until my cue
It's hard to know when to make a move
It might be too soon, I just met you
But I'd rather skip through the previews

{Verse 2}
Let's start the movie
I can direct you, just listen to me
This is the scene where we leave the party
I want your hands all over my body
No time to waste, you set the pace
We're face to face
Your hands on my waist
The theater's empty just pick a seat
There's nobody here but you and me

Baby if you wanna go
You can meet me at the show
Get your tickets, back row (back row)
Let’s go
Baby if you’re here with me
We won’t focus on the screen
Ain’t nothing wrong with rated G
As long as you’re on top of me
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