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Young Misty

"Run up on me!"

f*ck you n*ggas talkin' 'bout?

f*ck did you think? (yeah!)
I was surely f*cking runnin' the bank (yeah!)
Cut this crap and take him, one in the brain (f*ck a n*gga!)
All these pus*y n*ggas brought was a J (okay!)
That b*tch want problems, I'll grab his f*ckin face put that in the dirt (yeah, b*tch!)
All that f*cking talking will get you murked (yeah!)
Run up on me, pus*y, you will get murked
I'm coming for your daughter and your life pus*y n*gga
I'mma make her pus*y take pride when I'm in it
Kill a f*ck n*gga, make em write what they know (uh-huh!)
n*ggas steady barking, but you know they mice for the cheese
n*ggas steady barking, but they mice for the cheese
You won't find another set of n*ggas like these
Very Rare savage make a f*ck n*gga bleed
Kill a f*ck n*gga when his weakness showing up
When I pull up, ain't no running, boy you better call the cops--

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