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Young Misty

"A Mistress & A Diner"

(Yuh) First time going hard, Here I go shoutout to Lincell

[Verse 1]
Bang a Mistress, I don't care If I'm christian
I'll scream f*ck God! Don't ask for no forgiveness
I don't wanna discuss I just wanna rap and go on crack
If I die, I wonder who will be here last
Who cares about the servants thickness and gymnastic fitness
I only care on how she can turn on all my switches
I be ignoring and swiping b*tches, Wrist slit with knife
In the kitchen, Time to get hoes with the hooklines of fishing
Love Is a rare sympton, She only bout' inches
She never flinches when she see the size, I'm wise got a third eye
I make you feel pain like a sickness I don't go away with quickness
Your heart won't be healed, Swipe and cheat with swiftness
She get my di*k when It's christmas, She be good she on my
To do later listing I'll take the shots when I got insulted no misses
She only about sex and damn kisses
I already hate her I'm aggresive, I'm vicious
That girl already all mine, She my one and only loving princess
pus*y be itching, Soap finna' be white In her like she doing distes
I'm not wasting my whole life insulting people no disses
She's my one and only I'll bring to a diner I'll grant her wishes
Only caring about di*k stiffness and misfits

I'll masturbate probably ejaculate on her face no trace
That hoe getting smashed like cake, The c*m Is drained

[Intro: Levitasie & Hako Yamasaki]
(Hako Yamasaki)
Didn't think I'll be back quick, This ain't the end of this track I'll rap fast Ight'
(Hako Yamasaki)

[Verse 2]
Bring the hoe to the Diner
Kill her boyfriend so I can take her, He dead with a sniper
You can understand me I rap peacefully with no empathy
All these words you can de-cypher, You won't be seeing Lights brighter
I'll kill everyone In my way if they stop me, I'm already a good fighter
I'm going hard and mean on this track, Could I get any nicer?
Bring her back to the bed, Belt loose pus*y tighter
She probably like wise guys, Could I get any wiser, I'm a tiger
Slowly crawl on her like a spider I already sense the pus*y getting wider
I'm a lyrical rhymer, Not some addicted f*cking tinder grinder
Grab the pistol out of my hand, Blast em' like I'm cyber
Climb on the mountain to be on the music industry like a climber
I'm going fast on the pedals I'll drop down off the mountain
No more pressure put upon the biker, My soul ain't getting lighter
I'm the reaper, I'll take you away I'm the hand Chopper
I'll grab my enemies wife and I'll pop her or pipe her
She be warm and soft on the inside like fiber
I be starting off as a rapper I'll then be starting off to smash her
Like a hammer, She moan she be swearing with no manners

(Hako Yamasaki)

(Hako Yamasaki)

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