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Young Misty

"Gang Bros (Freestyles)"

[Intro: Levitasie]
Get ready y'all this gon' be powerful Ay,Ay!

[Verse 1: Levitasie]
Got a mind, I'm not portrayed as useless I'm useful, b*tch was used
f*ck alot of hoes after the bang we decided to move
Back and fourth on the whore move with a groove, Touch me
You'll loose a f*cking tooth make the crowd go "Ooh" Seek the
Truth rather than be on the noose, All these motherf*ckers tryna' hit me well I got a quick body they'll end up with wounds all these
pus*y boys finna' be screwed I give a dollar just for a b*tch's nudes
I'm always accused of sh*t I didn't do, My soul ain't no rainbow
It's all about dark fume and sad rhythm & blues, Grab the Glock
The trigger finna' shoot grab the poor mans loot stick a knife
In my boot all these boys finna' fade away when I chase them with
The group If I kill a P.O.C do you have evidence I actually did It
f*ck Lawyers y'all motherf*ckers got nothing on me no damn
Proof. 90s sh*t shooting someone watching movies In a cinema
All gray and black I slay and I don't black. Legacy born by mom
And dad talent born by knowledge and creativity both fused
I don't need no f*cking drugs my mind Is a drug I abuse It
For rhythm I don't need no damn rap boost this bouta' be the end
Of my verse y'all finna' be done for I have no care this Is the end
All yo' little motherf*ckers who always tryna' diss me's doom

[Verse 2: Lixlen]
Yeah you know what my homie said, All y'all ain't set
This like a never ending loop this sh*t a Gang Freestyle, All of us wild
We all Young jits up In this motherf*ckin' room this a damn rap group
I'm always curious, Like I'm curious about all these b*tches walking
Around me all sexy thinkin' they want me to f*ck there pus*y, My di*k got a good bald tip like Charlie brown I ain't f*ckin' no look alike
ICarly like a detective I explore these b*tches like a snoop she be
Laying eggs In the chicken coupe like a soldier I'm finna' go In the
Battle well I got to say one thing to my group salute! Murder all these
as*h*les tryna' offend my gang, I be sending the f*cking troop
The gang to rap In this motherf*ckin' booth be spittin' so fast
I think I gotta' puke. I'm a ancient diety so motherf*ckin' ancient
I be floating while I be eating some ramen noodle soup, Karate
Chopping these fools tryna' come at me all cool to. Freestyling
While the gang be wearing some vests and a suitcase with girls
Boobs at our face. All you peasants tryna' copy my flow well y'all
A reboot tryna' make disses at me you can do other sh*t than that
f*cking pathetic and damn rude. Well I'm bouta' end my freestyle
A diss of me just probably came up while I was freestyling man y'all In the mood, Disstrack producers f*ck you!

[Verse 3: Young Misty]
I be walking around with Jubilation while a n*gga just did a crime
And now he has to forgive god and not do anymore f*cking sins
I be writing sh*t with a marker back In fourth grade when I was a di*k
At a young age I was writing sh*t on my skin, Some people caught me
And they told on me luckily I had a long ass chin, I'm a mastermind my
Flow Is divine something that you can't find If you even tried. After
All that fourth grade sh*t happening later on I had a b*tch on my di*k
She just twirled and spun slap that ass finna' say "Keep going hun we have a long way to go hoe you're not done we f*ck for fun"
After being exposed of f*cking girls, I'm keepin' whores as a chum
I won't pronounce a b*tch as my mum, Man I remember the days
In 1970's In the Interviews when we had Trump. After all these years
I've been starving myself to death because of paranoia think It's
Time ol' Misty finna' hit the gym n*gga f*ck being slim, Throw my
Anger In some trash bin f*ck the law, Hoes I know be smashing
Let the moans happen don't worry those girls just be having fin
And laughing. I be waiting for higherups to change and not have
Everything as theres to claim, I'm waiting for a new nation all these
Fools better stop playin' this rap game just some piece of cake my gang knows I always be f*cking slaying

[Verse 4: MinecraftWyatt]
We all be spittin' and f*cking thats why we called Gang Bros
Boy you know the group bang hoes we never got a response
Saying "no" we all boys are hype Ight' XDIPX Never gon" past the mic
We gangsters know we ain't dumbass dykes ready to pull up random
Fights, Sike we beat them f*ckers with a pvc pipe like John Cena
You haven't seen me because I'm stealthy not the type to not be
Health all these greedy faggots started off In the curb now they
Starting off wealthy, I be sipping tea all you dykes who fight
Can't reach put the beast into a yeast she want my white di*k
I only give her a bit like a reeces piece pull up on our gang
With a selfish greet and we'll beat you to a pulp In the street, Now
You faggots better gulp. I smash her like the black hulk, These battles I face with a oponent have no hope, I'm starting like fume these hoes
Tryna' get my clout they a fake b*tch like a cartoon, I be makin'
This room go boom don't try to match me I be makin' you beg for versache now before I end this sh*t, I wanna finally state that I be
Swiping and typing hoes let that di*k grow slow until It f*cks up
Your as*h*le the condom on my di*k Is mold, That pus*y I be bombing like Lixlen said I'm the ancient one eating f*cking ramen my mind Is death It's damn haunted

[Verse 5: XDIPX]
I be freestyling with no Hesitation, I'm a psycho on the walls I be
Spray painting, They call me the demon son of satan In the hell of
Gates I'm waiting. Give me a Question and I'll answer It while rapping
These pus*y ass n*ggas think they ass slapping, But they ain't they
Don't be like me always Balling staying on the top where n*ggas try
To reach you know that Dip won't be falling, Stop doubting yourself
n*ggas saying they can't do sh*t stop complaining your frame you need to be portraying, I be speedin' up rapping like It's some never ending addiction, I be causing pain I be causing self infliction. I want her back I'll put papers on trees that say "Missing" I was raised
In a way that makes me tougher than superman, Raised In a damn foundation raised to protect my family I gave them protection they where walking happily In the streets full with Jubilation, I wanna start a revolution to stop the riots the angry f*cking people I call them polution ruining the world, I be rappin' like a lyrical master like Earl. Stop the f*cking segregration Whites Just f*cking Hating, f*ck this Generation theres nothing else In this making everyone wonders what happened to the energy and Positive motivation. I'm rapping Lyrically because I believe and I do have some strong energetic Dedication, I made my point I hope everyone knows now this Is the last message of this verse the destination

[Verse 6: Levitasie]
69 Is just a number and other gang members are motherf*ckers
Impregnate a b*tch make the baby curse, He will cause pain In any
Way the world Is a di*kride It's a f*cking slave, Make sure to put a pistol instead of a flower In my grave, I will shoot satan I'll tie him on a noose and make that as*h*le be hanging, I'll be strangling I'm so
Aggravated I can't put my thoughts I order, Forget how to be arranging, I still know something get girls bring them to the crib and start banging. I hope the nurse gives birth. Words hurt when you're dead broke on the curve feeding bread to the births and snorting meth giving you no nerves. Man I f*cking hate people when they put you at a lower status, Hate when they think there bigger and wealthier your girl gets f*cked by her boys she gets attracted when she has men In her crib on steroids. Guess a governors hoe gets her rank as a c*cksucker In dumpsters where security guards and men would f*ck her, Put my di*k In her and It gets stuck like a plumb and a plumber. You ever heard elders scream f*ck you to some little gnarly youngsters. Send the children In to a School you never know the Teacher could be a shooter don't obey Teachers just because they're a higher status than you. They're f*cking monsters teaching strangers and yelling at a high voice rather than making whispers

[Outro: All]
Ohh sh*t! Ay! (Laughter)

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