Erick’s Room
I dont wanna waste your time
I just want to know
Is we f**kin (yea,yea) is we f**king (yea,yea)
If the pu**y like the wallet, can I bust it
Baby girl is we f**king (yea,yea) pop a cherry huh

[Erick Arc Elliot]
Like everybody else would
You know you gave me head because it felt good
Thats my pu**y mascot
She play for the team I own
Fingers in the mouth, open blouse, pu**y leaking huh
I squeeze it to make it fit
Leave it seasoned like a crip
Damn, I love my b*t*h
Grip ya a** like I'm palming a Spalding
If shorty ain't f**king we ain't doing the mall thing
My homies send me love
These hoes send me letters
Fornicate your daughters, moms send me sweaters
I promise to do better
F**k you with my fingers crossed
I've been evolved, b*t*hes lost, but im still a boss
Only god forgives
Purely positive dawg and i got manners
Eat the pu**y with a bib on
Italian women my d**k is drooling and jewelin'
Once you put your back into it
There's no sense in maneuvering

[ZOMBIE juice]
True blues size 5
Leopard panties, chest out, my god
I didn't know it was this real
Roll the weed up while she give my d**k feels
See, I'm as nasty as I wanna be
Lick the pu**y, kiss it after, you feel me
Put the piston on the mouth, watch it choke
Put the blunt in the pu**y, watch it smoke
Grab her hair, smack her a**, no ropes
Tear it up, back it on me, no joke
Its no facade, I'Mm feeling the pu**y ho
F**k her to the grave, i'M graving the booty yo
? d cup t**s and videos
Juicy go hard ain't nothing you ain't know
And if your mind's out of sync
Then I got her on the strip, a** out in the mink
No lips ? , pimp harder
What goes around comes around, named a Karma
Not all vampires want blood, I want your soul
F**k love

I love to f**k her
Never f**king loved her
She clever like a fox
So Meech don't really trust her
Crazy b*t*h, would probably cut a n***a's rubber
She don't eat the swine, but she hog the covers
See we both in it for lust
We don't love each other
But yet we both in it to f**k
So we f**k each other
Gave her a pearl necklace, ain't that bling
Long strokes, then I pull out
Make that pu**y break wind
Speaking of the pearls, ?
Got her her hair in curls, her body blood murder
You brought with you the ocean, so I guess that we at sea yo
Good stroking leave the pu**y steaming like a steamboat