"Taking It Away"

[Intro: Shaggy 2 Dope & (Violent J)]
Back in the day, a mother f**ker never gave a f**k about some mother f**kin' money
But  in these days, mother f**ker's heads need that sh*t back, you mother f**ker
(Taking  it away)
A mother f**ker needs rent, gas, (hamburgs)
(Taking it away)
Mother  f**kin' food, weed, (weed), and bills

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Napalm,  my sh*t cuts like a switch blade
Never b*t*h-made, 'cause I get payed
I'ma  f**k you up with a brand new style
If you ain't payin' me, you ain't worth my while
I need loot. f**k, that sh*t ain't free
If you ain't big dollar, you ain't f**kin' with me
I'm  mister bank roll, I won't spend it on a stank ho
Let her get a hit of this dank? I don't think so
Big money, motherf**ker ain't sh*t funny
I got a big tummy, sh*t costs money
Mr. Billman come to collect and get shot
Spend a lot that I got on pot and it don't stop
Pay me, you want a' autograph, kid?
I want a Benz G Wagon with a tricked out kicks
So who you f**kin' with? A chin check over thin checks
Wanna bend big bank roll. What's next?
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