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Undead Slayer

"f*ck With Us"

[Verse 1: Undead Slayer]
f*ck this b*tch, can't rap for sh*t
Always claiming he makin’ up some hits
But he can't commit, he's a hypocrite
Trying to put your producer all up on my music
I don’t want that sh*t you f*ckin' little prick
But you chose the wrong battle, see what happens when you pick?
You called my sh*t good, you know I have the proof
You a faggot, call you b*tch, make you look like a goof
Ruin your career, make your ass go poof
Calling yourself better, but you can't even spell
Hear that tolling of the bell?
But you say that your ass come straight from hell
“I'm a rap demon” but every time I turn my back you start scheming
You ain't secret cause you sound like your screaming
You say you've never been beaten but now you're bleeding
You're the reason all your rhymes are comin’ off weaken
You talk so much sh*t, now it’s a habit
I'll make you grab it, you little faggot, putting you in a casket
I’m comin' in classic, you better remain static
Raps sound like you're on acid
Not just one, not just 2, you wrote 5 f*ckin' tracks
You won’t go anywhere once your friend's turn their backs
Ya gotta relax before you relapse
You should have prepared in advance
You say you're 43 and O but people say Alex f*ckin' beat you, yo!
And now she left you
What's wrong buddy? You lookin' little blue
Your so fake, ya cheesy, call ya Cheez-Its!
You lost pal, you're in denial, ya need to see it!
You keep tryin' to come back, dude, ya need to beat it!
You gotta try harder, it's so obvious that you f*ckin' fake it
"But I'm more famous" that doesn't mean yo ass will make it
Even copied off some lines from Eminem's song
Charlie pointed it out, but you act like you weren't in the wrong
Your sh*t comes off fake, it needs to come off strong
You need to go away, so just go and run along
Cause I don't wanna hear
A downgraded emo style Eminem f*ckin' queer
Actin' like you're god tier
Only cause you start beef with people pullin' up on your rear
You should just disappear before I go into my next gear
Leave little b*tch, so you can be in the clear
But at least try to come up with a good rhyme
Before you claim that you can climb
The ladder, actin' like you commit crime
You'll never be good in a lifetime
This is it, the end of your prime

[Verse 2: charlie]
Speaking on my music, but you just run your mouth?
Claiming your a gangster, but pus*y redneck lives in the south
Heard you got my mans leftovers
Claiming You stay sober
Being realistic your music makes no sense
Why do people look at your music it don't make no sense
You straight pus*y for Sneak dissing on the low
My music hurts you like a blow
This song upon you it bestows
But you cannot say you are better than me and aidan
Speaking on us might as well have been a sin
Crazy to think that you had a chance to win
You saw what we did to you girl, threw her around like a ball
Balls are what she plays with
A b*tch is who she stays with
You can't rap you just lane switch
Turn you off there goes the light switch
Now you can't respond because your dead
Should've played your part and listened to what you said
We know that the problem is that your disabled
Making some good music is what your not able
Me and slayer sticking our neck out for each other
Dad drug addict, same goes for your mother
I was gonna go easy but now you must suffer
Say you got more disses but why even bother
Me and my people went all the way up like a helicopter
And still he's gonna try to diss the best
Better keep your mouth shut or might as well go confess

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