Katie Noel

"Hey Boy, Hey Girl"

[Verse 1: Upchurch & Katie Noel]
Hey girl, whatcha doin' tonight?
Let's get lost in the fog behind these old headlights
You wanna lay in my lap as your favorite song plays?
As the static from the AM gets worse as we swerve lanes
Hey boy, is your bench seat ready for a shotgun queen like me?
Is your tank on E, did you fix that leak?
If I'm gonna slide in close to you, do what you're supposed to do

[Chorus: Katie Noel & Upchurch, Katie Noel, Upchurch]
Hey boy, hey girl
The outskirts are waitin' for me to rock your world
Justin Moore on the radio, feet on my dash, sixth gear wide open
I only wanna crash into your arms, your lips, your kiss
A night like this you don't wanna miss
Stepside sittin' outside, give me the chance, take my hand
Hey girl

[Verse 2: Upchurch & Katie Noel]
Hey girl, this tank ain't on E
I'm 'bout to spend every dollar I made this week
On cleanin' this Ford and a red head flannel that you'll end up takin' 'cause you wanna sleep in it
Hey boy, is your playlist jumpin'
Does it rattle the glass, two Kenwoods thumpin'?
I know it's somethin' when you wrap me up tight
And that Carhartt jacket I'ma steal tonight

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