Katie Noel


[Chorus ]
My hoodies smell like Versace
Confident, she not c*cky
I'ma beat the beat up
Champion like I'm Rocky
You've got a body
Looks like you want to party
So let's go get naughty
Make action out of talking, yeah
I don't wanna talk to you
I just wanna floss with ya
Gem stones around your neck
Got so much sauce on ya
You're a walking [?]
You're dripping wreaks havoc
You turned into my habit and
I just gotta have you, yeah

[Verse 1]
Step into the night don't you be afraid
Take my hand baby you will be amazed
So lock your hand in mine
Run your fingers down my spine
Why would I want ten pennies when I can have a dime
You'rе so fine you're so bad, damn
Baby I want you so bad
Nah f**k that I want you so good
Make еveryone else wish they could
Have you, grab you, love you, squeeze you
Everybody wants to be you
When the lights go off I want to see you
Wet to your shirt damn, see through
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