N. C

Katie Noel

[Verse 1]
The city just ain't for me
I'm a willow tree blowin' in a mountain breeze
I feel lost in these busy streets
I need a sleepy back road but the city never sleeps

I was raised up where the dirt road starts
I'm far from home and it's breaking my heart
I miss my old friends, my old ways
Everything about them old days
And I'd trade these four lanes for faded yellow paint
On some black top [?]
I'd trade it all, the fast life, if it would take me to you
I'd run right through that city limit sign
In a short bed Ford headed right for the pines
I'd leave it all behind
Yeah, this ain't me, home is where I wanna be

[Verse 2]
This old town won't get you far
Go head girl and grab those stars
Take all your scars and hit the road
I flew too fast and didn't miss a note
And I'm starving for a taste of where I'm from
Up against something I can outrun
Brought my past and what I've done along
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