The Outlaws (Southern Rock Band)

"Southern Rock Will Never Die"

[Verse 1]
There’s a highway outside our hotel
There’s fresh horses and we’re ready to ride
There’ll be another showdown around sunset
And we’ll be coming back dead or alive
There’s a chain smoker up riding shotgun
An all-night game of cards in the back
Yeah, the loser’s getting robbed and the game’s getting wild
As the deuces and the one-eyed jacks

Stevе and Ronnie, Toy and Tommy
Dust riders on the wind in thе southern sky
Berry, Greg, and Duane
Billy, Rock, and Flame
The spirit of TC and Taz are still alive
Southern rock will never die

[Verse 2]
The Spectrum, Philadelphia
Came alive on a Friday night
It was the Skynyrd boys and the Outlaws
In a blazing guitar gun fight
The barefoot prints of Dixie
He was the meter of that gang
With a whistle and a sneer when the gun smoke cleared
You believed every word he sang
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