Live sh*t
It's OLN
You already know n***as can't f**k with the gang
Gang sh*t
They ain't ready for this sh*t man
It's bye f**king season
Buy some f**king drugs or f**king bye
f**king f**k the gang or bye

[Hook: MK]
Sleeping in cars, now we living in some condos
A ten on his neck, call nine on me no rondo
We cutting your grass, but we ain't mowing no lawn tho
Two guns on our waist, but you can't call us James Bondo
We run up a cheque, we flex and finesse
You broke you a pess, two bands worth the rest
Got a glizzy no tec, got a vest still get wet
Going live on your set, it's OLN f**k the rest

[Verse 1: Smiley]
I used to sleep in dirty traps, now i got a condo
I even sleep good now, my dawg had three condos
I cannot slip now, i have two rondos
I was in 11 division, and they were playing rondo
They were playing 9 on me, they wanted me to snitch
Their asking about cancer
Their asking about pezze
Their asking about nice
I don't know those guys
I was telling them lies
They wanted the guys
My plug so lowkey, changes his number every week
Like if you ain't got money, then we cannot speak
MK so live, he lets n***as leak
Like where these n***as, their playing hide-n-go seek
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