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Kasher Quon

"Pistol Pete"

[intro: kasher quon, jakesand and fleadiamonds]
Im in this b*tch high as hell
Flea is the winner
Damn JakeSand

[kasher quon verse]
Yo b*tched just called and she want me to pick her up
Remember when i was down on my knuckles i had to get it up
A lame n*gga tryna flash 10 Im bout to stick em' up
A fat n*gga ran off with my money Im bout to shoot em' up
A ugly b*tch was tryna suck my di*k but i kept goin' soft
Found my granddaddy gun and shot him wit a sawed off
You just got fired from yo job cause you called off
She keep telling me about her n*gga he a corn dog
n*ggas broke ass hell eatin' corn dog TV dinners
Just rolled 10 woods back to back now i got a splinter
Yo b*tch just sent her address now i gotta get her
I just f*cked this b*tch then i bought her some chicken tenders
You will never catch me slippin' i got tinted windows
Slapped the f*ck out of my b*tch for bustin' all my windows
And i scammed a lil white n*gga that play Nintendo
Just busted my cousin a extra three thousand hit em' wit a 10-4
Im sick n*ggas think they getting off with kenzo's
Just bought a fake id now my new name Lorenzo
Im finna meet bro with a pint at the citgo
Im finna fill up my gas tank at the citgo
A credit card on me with somebody else info
If i don't get no lean i'ma go mental
I see yo new whip but that b*tch is a rental
He just f*cked a dirty ass b*tch and got Ebola
Im sippin' on a four right now Im in a lean coma
Just got a new house man Im finna go punch the sofa
And you already know i gotta swipe the TV
n*ggas broke as hell can't even buy they own Reese
Im walking out the set right now with five receipts
And Im walking out the airbnb with five freaks
Im walking out the pharmacy and i got five pints
Back in high school every day it was five fights
Ion wanna f*ck that lil ho 'cause she got lice
My cousin f*cked a b*tch that was young and he got life
And i got a big AR why would i fight
I just f*cked a b*tch and i bought her a Klondike bar
n*ggas broke as hell can't even buy they own Klondike bar
Me and kev in the booth right now goin' bar for bar
Im sick n*ggas think they getting off with pints of [?]
How you gon' slide on me in somebody else car
Im finna pull up on yo b*tch in somebody else car
Bought a fake id now my new name Tony Escobar
I just f*cked a b*tch cause she thought i was bandgang javar
Walked in the club and bought liquor for everybody in the bar

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