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Daniel Caesar


[Verse 1: Kwabs]
I orbit around the way that you are
Can't help but be drawn because you're a star

Baby, baby, baby, baby
Won't you please navigate to me, to me?

[Verse 2: NAO]
I love the way you open my heart
I feel you around me like Venus and Mars
So baby, baby, baby, baby
Please stay and navigate to me, to me

[Chorus: NAO & Kwabs]
Eventually you will proceed to give me what I need
Oh, w-w-w-w-woah
And that's how it should be
You leave and return
You're just like Saturn to me, to me

(Saturn to me)

[Verse 3: NAO, Kwabs & Both]
Oh, no, no, no
Your constellation circulating me, ooh-ooh
Like a Capricorn, you're hard to release
So maybe, maybe, baby, baby
Would you please find your way back to me, to me? Oh-ooh

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