Daniel Caesar

"HER Love"

[Intro: Billy Preston & Syreeta, Common]
(One more try)
(We have come too far to stop now)
Yeah, Dilla
(One more try)
(It is all that we have got)

[Verse 1: Common & Daniel Caesar]
Two DJs, one microphone
We freestyle, we write at home
It don't, it don't, uh-uh, we go on
You the one I can't leave alone
You grown? I know you groan
When I'm in you, I feel home
We in the house of love, no lie
Appreciate you more as time goes by
When it's truly true, it don't die
I see you in L.A., I see you in N.Y
I see you in the A, I see you in the Chi
I hear you when JAY still make the song cry
Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like common sense

You the one that gave me that confidence
You the one that told me 'bout consciousness
And said see beyond my metropolis
You put the booga-booga loop, pop lockin' this
We too far, ain't no stoppin' this (We're too far, now)
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