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Sean Price

"Dikembe Mutombo"

Welcome to Brownsville
My kin see the jungle
Got a lot of blocks Awak
Dikembe Mutombo
Friends spray the gun blow
Ten spade your gum sole
Got blood on the bottom
Thugs up in the sodom
Savage life
Appetite for destruction
Bagget wife
Smack a hermaphrodite at a function
Conjunction junction functions pumpin
Pa I am fly off some Henny consumption
To old for bullsh*t play time is over
Grade nine with the meal kick
Play time re loges
Real life
Life really’s of rap
Hear sh*t b*t*h wait 16 6 feet deep
Baby ba pa crappin’ your diapers
I'm crazy
I don’t play with you’ll crackers den pipers
Get the memo
Sean been hard since the age of accent demo
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